Teal Around The World Online Festival – March 3-5

By Lia Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

You still have time to grab a ticket at a special 15% discount for Enlivening Edge Magazine readers if you register here with the code FRNDSxTATW2021. (There is a Pay It Forward option if you are able to support a scholarship, or you can request the help!) Imagine connecting with over 800 people registered from all over the world and 33 speakers also from many countries.

In addition to speakers, you’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with others. Who knows what connections might become very important for you!  Get inspired, get information, share who you are!

Special 15% discount offer on TATW21 registration to Enlivening Edge Magazine Readers: Use code FRNDSxTATW2021.

The Teal Around the World Festival is a purely not-for-profit event, organized by The Teal Network, a diverse group of Teal practitioners around the world who are simply passionate about connecting Teal communities beyond borders to exchange best practices and to learn from each other’s experiences to bring about positive change in organizations.

The collective energy and passion behind The Teal Network include individuals from LIVEsciences AG, Emerge Global and Hive-Logic. Enlivening Edge is an Impact Partner of Teal Around the World. We have been involved in the conference planning, we are co-creating a book that will emerge from the festival, and we have shared this previous article about the festival.

In the list of presentations below, you’ll find links to EE Magazine articles related to each one, a treasure-trove of information and inspiration.

The conference is organized into 3 “waves” of about 8 hours each, with Wave 1 starting March 4 (late March 3 for Pacific Daylight time.) Wave 1 is convenient for Europe and Africa; Wave 2 time is convenient for North and South America, and Wave 3 is convenient for Australia and Asia. There will be some translations done simultaneously involving English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

Each Wave has essentially the same structure, so it’s like 3 consecutive mini-conferences. You can attend as much as you can stay awake for!! You can drop in and out, on your schedule.

The three keynote speakers are well known to EE Magazine readers

Wave 1 – Jos de Blok, Buurtzorg, at 09:45 CET March 4 

JOS DE BLOK Founder and Educator, Buurtzorg Netherlands “Humanity above bureaucracy” Related EE Magazine articles

Wave 2 – Ricardo Semler,  Semco, at 13:45 CET March 4

RICARDO SEMLER Best selling author of the classic Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend, former CEO of Semco Partners, co-founder Semco Style Institute, Semco S/A Brazil “The Post-Everything Workplace: looking for an organization that is not designed by temporary inputs”  Related EE Magazine articles

Wave 3 – Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations at 02:00 (A.M.) CET March 5

FREDERIC LALOUX Author, Reinventing Organizations, USA “Reclaiming integrity at work” Related EE Magazine articles

Which of these storytellers are a must-hear for you?

Wave 1 – Starts 08:00 Central European Time March 4, 23:00 Pacific Daylight Time, March 3

OTTI VOGT Chief Operating Officer C&G, ING, Netherlands “WHY TEAL IS WRONG: Invitation for radical dialogue on a new theory of change” EE Magazine articles related to Otti Vogt

LISA GILL Organisational Self-management Coach, Reimaginaire, Spain “Self-management is about more than just structures and processes” EE Magazine articles related to Lisa Gill

MIKA KORHONEN Co-founder, Discovery Street, Finland “Impact-first attitude and radical trust” EE Magazine articles related to Finland

TOM VAN DER LUBBE Co-Founder, VIISI, Netherlands “The Story of Viisi” EE Magazine articles related to Viisi

TIMM URSCHINGER Co-Founder & CEO, LIVEsciences AG, Switzerland “What we learned from running a Teal company in the past 5 years” EE Magazine articles related to Timm Urschinger

ITZIAR CANAMASAS Head of Oncology Region EMEA, Bayer, Switzerland “Empower your organisation to thrive”

KOLDO SARATXAGA Founder of Irizar Group, K2K Emocionando and NER Group, Spain EE Magazine articles related to K2K and NER           

LARA BEZERRA Chief Purpose Officer of Work Coherence, USA Former CPO Roche Pharma, India “Experimenting self-management and building the right mindset – The Kritagyata community experience in India”

PASCAL DULEX Culture Coach / Creative Director, Freitag Lab, Switzerland “Your Company’s  Culture is Crucial. Here’s How We Build Ours.”

SOPHIE LE RAY Co-founder, EVE List, France “We are all feminist.” EE Magazine articles related to France

OLIVIER GESBERT Founder Pressto Peru – Coach in Organizaciones Colaborativas “Organizational evolution releasing power”

Wave 2 – Starts 18:00 Central European Time March 4, 09:00 Pacific Daylight Time, March 4

GUSTAV HENMAN Founder, Beetroot, Sweden/Ukraine “The Beetroot way – shocking people with trust” Related EE Magazine article

EMANUELE QUINTARELLI 3EO Microenterprise Lead, Boundaryless, Italy “Boundaryless as an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization” EE Magazine articles related to Italy.

AARON DIGNAN Founder at The Ready and author of Brave, New Work, USA Related Enlivening Edge Magazine articles

KALYANI BULFER Chapter Office Head, Pharma International Informatics

DOUG KIRKPATRICK Author, Beyond Empowerment and the No-Limits Enterprise, Startup Team Member, Morning Star, USA “The No-Limits Enterprise” Related EE Magazine articles

BRENT LOWE Scale Coach for Founder CEOs  and Founder of BASE Associates, BASE Associates Inc., Canada “The bold, brave, intentional path to scaling  your business” Related EE Magazine articles

SIMON MHANNA Design Leader & Innovation Consultant, The Moment, Canada ​”The Moment‘s Shade of Teal – An inside look at The Moment’s journey to self-management” Related EE Magazine articles

JORGE SILVA Co-Founder, 10 Pines, Argentina “Leading a company with no CEO”

 BRYAN UNGARD Chief Purpose Officer, The Decurion Corporation, USA “Changing Paradigms, Can it be done?”

PAYAM ZAMANI Founder, Chairman & CEO, One Planet Group, USA

JULIANE PILSTER Head of Agile Transformation, HDI Global SE, Germany “Agile Leadership Principles”

LIGIA HACKER Vagas, Brazil “Way to Wholeness: The experience of living your own values in a company with no boss” EE Magazine articles related to Brazil.

“Talk to the Experts” sessions:

Track 1: AEquacy – GIOVANNA D’ALESSIO Co-Author, AEquacy: A New Organizational Design

Track 2: Holacracy – PATRICK SCHEUERER Holacracy. Related EE Magazine articles about Holacracy

Track 3: Sociocracy – JAMES PRIEST Co-founder and co-developer of Sociocracy 3.0. Related EE Magazine articles about Sociocracy

Track 4: RenDanHeYi – EMANUELE QUINTARELLI 3EO Microenterprise Lead, Boundaryless

Track 5: Quantum Leadership – DANAH ZOHAR Author, The Quantum Leader. Related EE Magazine article

Track 6: SemcoStyle – ARKO VAN BRAKEL Co-Founder, KOEN DE BOER Co-Founder

Wave 3 starts at 02:00 (2 A.M.) Central European Time March 5, 17:00 Pacific Daylight Time March 4

SUSAN BASTERFIELD Foundation Director, Enspiral, Partner, Greaterthan, New Zealand “Eating our own Monkey-food: being Teal” Related EE Magazine articles

SHIRO YOSHIHARA Co-Founder and CEO of  Natural Organizations Lab Inc., Japan “JUNKAN – Bringing Perspectives from the Circle of Life to Management” Related EE Magazine article

MONICA LIU Co-Founder and COO, Ultipa, China “Empowering Team Members to Become Genius in Teal Environment” Related EE Magazine articles about China

PATRYCJA RIERA Inclusion Expert, CEO, Inclusionem, Dubai “The Character of Inclusion” Related EE Magazine article about Dubai.

TODD KHOZEIN Founder and Co-CEO, Second Muse, USA and Asia “Building Economies of the Future”

BENJAMIN KNIGHT Lead Engagement, Australia Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Related EE Magazine articles about Australia

SIOBHAN MCHALE Executive General Manager – People, Culture & Change, Dulux Group, Australia, Partner, Greaterthan, New Zealand “HR’s critical role in disruptive times: Creating more adaptive workplaces” Related EE Magazine articles about New Zealand

JOSEPH RATHINAM Master Trainer, Director, International Coordinations and Networking of Neighborocracy, Neighborocracy, India “Neighborocracy, an alternative system of inclusive governance”

KELVIN LEE General Manager, We Are Ready, China “Teal for Twenty in Taipei & Shanghai”

NIDHI RAINA Quonscious, India “The Power of One” Related EE Magazine articles about India

RAFAL, ADRIAN, KAROLINA u2i, Poland “Beginnings, Transformation and the Future of Teal Organization” Related EE Magazine articles

SEBASTIEN SAMUEL Directeur Supply Chain Transition &  Business Development, Renault “A journey towards autonomy in a global company”

HENRY STEWART Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Happy Ltd “Creating a happy workplace through trust and autonomy”

Festival closing session begins 10:30 (A.M.) Central European Time March 5, 01:30 (A.M.) Pacific Daylight time March 5

Featured Image by dewdrop157 from Pixabay