There is no greater indicator that a better future is possible than the breadth and variety of differently-named and differently-framed initiatives and movements aimed at organizational transformation—all of which share many values and visions in common. They are present in all parts of the world.

As the famous saying goes, the future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed. It is clearly being distributed through these and many other initiatives bubbling up and percolating through our organizational lives.

Here, in the “Movements” of Enlivening Edge, you find a collection of stories worth perusing from the movements for organizational evolution listed below (and others to be added as news reaches us—perhaps from you!)

Enlivening Edge needs more correspondents and editors, a network of people writing and filming about the organizations and communities going Teal, Responsive meetups, U Hubs, Holacracy trainings, and the many other initiatives shaping the future of our lives globally and locally.

If you want to be among the storytellers of what is emerging from any these approaches, the ones listed below, and those that are not yet listed, then please contact us.

We are not listing here all consultancies, process facilitators or schools of thought contributing to the shift, only some of the movements our articles have mentioned that are focused on the goal of organizational renewal.

We’re defining “movement” as a significantly large group of people, with a name, actively working toward a particular social change.

These initiatives, groups, and models might not yet be large enough to be called a “movement” but they are growing significantly, and contributing to social change.