Striving for self-determination, seeking wholeness, and pursuing a noble goal that gives meaning to our life, are desires that have been deeply seated in the human heart, for a long time, in every land.

What is remarkable in our times is the quickening pace of more people in more countries awakening to those higher human needs, once the basic ones are met. They have also become collective aspirations of communities and organizations in all social sectors.

Here, in the “Countries” of Enlivening Edge, you find a collection of stories worth perusing from the countries listed below. If their number is still relatively small, it’s not because nothing is happening elsewhere.

Enlivening Edge needs more country correspondents, a network of people writing and filming about organizations and communities going Teal, Responsive meetups, U Hubs, Holacracy trainings, and the many other initiatives shaping the future of work in many countries.

If you want to be among the storytellers of what is emerging from every country, the ones that are listed below, and those that are not, then please contact us.