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The Enlivening Edge Community Hub is a unique private online community where innovators from around the world can form synergistic relationships that strengthen their work in reinventing organizations.

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Community Hub members share a passion for a next stage of consciousness in organizations, with new breakthroughs of wholeness, evolutionary purpose, self-management, and human-centeredness. Find your tribe and develop synergistic relationships and lasting heart-connections with diverse other transformation facilitators.


One purpose of the Community Hub is strengthening and supporting your ability to impact the world positively toward workplaces, communities, and societies that enhance the wellbeing of all.



Deepen your knowledge and connect with experts or be the expert on topics such as startups, CEOs, future of work, Reinventing Organizations, leadership models, business paradigms, developing capacities, compensation models, personal growth, new technologies, legal systems, and schools. 


Conscious Culture

Safety, kindness, appreciation, supportiveness, and encouragement of authentic self-expression. Clear peer-moderated guidelines for interacting.

Conversation Tools

Deep, sustained, purposeful, dynamic conversations in member-created topic-oriented groups as well as shorter informal sharing.

Rich Profiles

Comprehensive member profiles so you can share more about yourself and easily get to know others for richer connections.


Not post-oriented. Over 13 ways to interact and develop a variety of relationships with global members.

Exceptional Experience

Ad-free. Easily accessible, always available support. New members are abundantly cared for in the Welcome & Orientation Program. 

Integrated With Zoom

Deepen resonance with peers in hosted video conversations, or set up your own spontaneous chats.

What are MemberS Saying?

Enlivening Edge Community Hub allows me to actively engage with and learn from other transformation pioneers.



Betsy Sheppard

Inner Development Trailblazer, USA

I am delighted to build inspiring and supportive relationships with others dedicated to reinventing organizations and society.


Jussi Markula

Organizational Teal Guide, Finland

I interact with others who value innovative thinking and share their ideas and questions freely; that’s why I enjoy being a member of the Community Hub.
Rhonda L. Bowen

Global Strategic Communication Guide, Germany

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can join or create country-specific or language-specific groups, and search member profiles by country. Also meet innovators from diverse social sectors, movements, and types of organizations.

Members make many decisions governing the community and fill unique roles that make their wisdom available for the benefit of Hub members. 

Members are able to form deep connections, have extensive conversations, and co-create synergistic relationships that enhance their lives and their work.

The breakthroughs of evolutionary purpose, wholeness, and self-management, in the Teal stage of consciousness identified in the book Reinventing Organizations, are baked into structures and processes of the Hub and can be directly engaged with.

For eight years, Enlivening Edge has been a major nexus of innovators from all over the world, who are shifting organizations toward human thriving and environmental thriving. Enlivening Edge Magazine has published over 1340 inspiring, informative articles about next-stage organizations, principles, and practices. Today’s movement leaders say they “grew up with” the Magazine.

Our much-loved video Community Conversations have for six years provided hundreds of innovative pioneers with nourishing connections and belonging. Now we have built on our experience to open our unique design for a next-stage relationship-building community.

Participate however much you can, with no expectations. Notification preferences are highly customizable and a weekly summary of Community Hub activity helps too.

The application is pretty simple. There are 4 questions asking about your connection with next stage organizations as well as what you are looking to gain and contribute as a member of the community. We are looking for thoughtful yet brief answers so we can understand your purpose and intention for wanting to join the Community Hub.

We approve most applications. However, if we do not approve one, the person receives an email letter and a full refund.


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Email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to talk with you.