You belong in EE’s Community Conversations

You belong in EE's Community Conversations

Join changemakers from around the world in connecting over the triumphs, challenges, and experiences of catalyzing next-stage organizations.

Learn more about how the Enlivening Edge Community Conversations are having an impact on today’s changemakers directly from the Community Conversations’ founder, Will Van Inwagen.

Make your First & Third Thursdays the most touching and empowered days of the month!

The Enlivening Edge Community Conversations provide a safe sharing space for enlivened changemakers. Share stories and journeys, form deep connections, and catalyze new relationships in either conversation.

1st Thursday

The first-Thursday conversations feature someone sharing a story about their experience in co-creating new consciousness in organizations. Their story will open space for sharing each other’s responses: resonances, questions, and feelings.

3rd Thursday

The third-Thursday conversations provide a place to share fears, doubts, triumphs, and questions with others who understand and who, like you, are also committed to organizational transformation.

Thoughts from our Enlivening Edge Community Conversation tribe

“Who am I committed to being? What’s my soul’s journey? How do I manifest this in my organization and life?” Thank you Will, Alia, Doug and all others who boldly make it possible to explore the answers to these questions through these generative conversations and deep connections. You make the journey worth the effort, even if the destination seems a million miles away."
Hayden Smith

Transformation Lead, Siemens Energy

“Two things I’d like you to know about the Enlivening Edge Community Conversations. One is that they’re an amazing place to connect socially around what’s important for us in the emerging new consciousness. They help us see more possibilities for our work, connect with new people, and put us into a synergistic field where good things happen. The second is that they help us practice and learn some of the fundamentals of the Teal space."
Andrew Carter macdonald


"I left this, my first call, without really knowing people’s names or job descriptions, but having a solid first step into understanding how they feel this world—and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When was the last time you were on a call, the agreed time was over—and some people stayed for an extra half an hour just because they wanted to? Well, for me that was yesterday."
Joriam philipe

Founder Hard Question Studio

"Enlivening Edge’s community conversations have been an amazing accomplishment and success for the participants and the hosts of these calls. We’ve had over 1000 attendees from over 20 countries since starting in November, 2016. The ideas, the connections, and the sense of community that have grown from these conversations and from the participants have been truly inspiring."
Mila Aliana

Mentor - Project Director

"I am communicating with and learning about and from others around the world, how cool! The space feels so safe, and I’ve made deeply meaningful connections with others so quickly and easily. Five of us have even already started a sharing/support group beyond the conversations."
Will van inwagen

Founder & Co-Director Being in Systems LLC


You’ll belong and be understood, right away, in this safe and supportive Group of
fellow change agents.

Share your experiences, concerns, fears, doubts, and triumphs with Other change-makers and be inspired and recharged by their shares. 

Encourage others by
sharing your wisdom.

Develop connections that can blossom into collaborations.

Frequently asked questions

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FIRST THURSDAY of each month starting at 10:00am US Pacific Time for 90 minutes.

THIRD THURSDAY of each month starting at 10:00am US Pacific Time for 2 hours.

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There is no charge for attending the Community Conversations; however, we certainly appreciate, and you are invited to support the value we hope EE brings to the world:

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If you are interested in becoming a storyteller, get in touch with us directly at:
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There are no pre-requisites for participation. All are welcome and invited. We do ask all who attend to help with co-creating  a safe, warm, inviting, and civil place and discourse for all.

In the larger group setting, it is fine to just listen.

We do create small breakout groups; and, we would hope that everyone within them would feel comfortable enough to contribute, if so moved. 

For more info email: [email protected]