Our Team

Enlivening Edge is small band of Partners surrounded by a larger tribe of collaborators and friends. Each of us is attracted to the possibility of amplifying human dignity within organizations.

Our team includes correspondents who bring news from countries and sectors where the Teal wave is washing ashore. And it includes correspondents who use Enlivening Edge to connect various streams of organizational and social transformation.

At Enlivening Edge, we strive to practice Teal organization principles. For example, we’ve adopted Holacracy® as our approach to self-management. We practice wholeness by bringing our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls to the work. And we follow our evolutionary purpose by continually reinventing who we are and what we do.

If you feel drawn to work and play with us, see how you can join our team.



Eric Babinet
I am passionate about helping organizations learn to operate with greater self-management and distributed authority. For many years I’ve helped software teams be more self-managing and adaptive through the use of Agile Software Development. I More...
Lia Aurami
Enlivening Edge lets me dance with the emergent future, along with other awesome dancers from around the globe, co-creating our living example of a next-stage organization. Within Enlivening Edge, I energize roles such as Magazine More...

Inter-Organizational Partnerships

Charlie Efford
John Charles Management Consultants
I realised that we are spiritual beings having an experience in a physical body a long time ago. This realisation allowed me to stand back, be curious and wonder about life in all its’ shapes More...

Our Founder

George Pór
Mahatma Gandhi said once if you want a movement to succeed, create a newspaper. No doubt, today he would say create a news site. That’s what inspired me to launch Enlivening Edge in 2015 and More...