Special Collection #4: Stories of Translating Reinventing Organizations Book

Frederic Laloux’s monumentally popular book Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness launched the Teal Organization movement worldwide, as well as being the inspiration for creating Enlivening Edge.

According to the book’s website it has sold way over 800,000 copies and is considered by many to be the most influential management book of its decade. A testimony to its influence is not only the many consultants, groups, organizations “going Teal,” and conferences, worldwide, but its translation into at least 19 languages.

Enlivening Edge Magazine is fortunate to be able to bring you the inside, personal stories of many of these translation projects. Here are the stories we’ve shared so far.

And we’re working toward the story of the Finnish translation. Do you know any of the other language translation stories for this book? Contact us about creating an article.

Here are the languages included in the articles below: Japanese  Arabic  Polish  Hungarian  Spanish  Chinese (and Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, and Korean)  French  Russian  Dutch  German  Danish

Here is an overview of the first twelve translations.

Reinventing Organizations book in 12 languages and soon more!

We’ve shared two articles about the Japanese translation and how it became so popular in Japan.

How “Reinventing Organizations” Became a Bestseller in Japan

Here is the second Japanese story:

Japanese Translation of Reinventing Organizations Book

If you want to know the power of a group, get inspired by this story of the Arabic translation.

The Story Behind the Arabic Translation of Reinventing Organizations Book

And a second article on the Arabic translation.

“Reinventing Organizations” is Now Available in Arabic!

How did Laloux’s book become available in Polish?

Reinventing Organizations — the Book Is Out in Polish!

Hungarian folks not only translated the book, they created a wiki of it, in Hungarian.

Reinventing Organizations – the Hungarian Edition

Reinventing Organizations Wiki in Hungarian Underway

How could the book not be available in Spanish? This is another inspiring story of collaboration

Reinventing Organizations Spanish Edition Available Now

And of course a wiki of the book in Spanish!

Reinventing Organizations Wiki Now Available in Spanish

This article announces not only Chinese, but Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, Korean translations

Breaking News: Reinventing Organizations Book Is Now in Chinese!

As a bonus, here is one of Enlivening Edge Magazine’s several articles about Reinventing Organizations in China. Don’t take their existence lightly.

Teal Ripples in China

The French translation has a story, too.

Reinventing Organizations – the Book Is Out in French!


And Laloux’s Insights for the Journey videos have also been translated into French.

Laloux’s Insights for the Journey Videos into French

Yes, there is a Russian translation and it is being used in Russia!

“Reinventing Organizations” in Russian

Dutch, German, and Danish were among the early translated versions available.

Dutch, German, and Danish Editions of Reinventing Organizations Available Now

Enjoy these stories which are so inspiring, and let us know of any others!

Featured Image by 189748 from Pixabay