Reinventing Organizations Spanish Edition Available Now

By Frederic Laloux orginally posted in Facebook

Great news! Reinventing Organizations is now available in Spanish as a paper book and in electronic format (kindle)!

It was born from a collaborative effort of three enthusiastic Chilean readers who launched the translation (thank you Diego Cuadra, Pablo Reyes and Daniel Truman!), and a beautiful young Barcelona publishing house, ARPA, who was eager to pick it up. I’m really really happy with the quality of the translation.

Spanish RO

This is also a request for help: if you know people in a Spanish-speaking country who’d resonate with the ideas of the book, please let them know about the book (and journalists and bloggers too).

I won’t be able to support the Spanish edition with talks or in the media, and it would be a pity if for this reason the book failed to find an audience.

Con alegría y gratitud 🙂


PS: the book is available on ARPA’s website, and from any retailer in Spain (including the local Amazon). Some Latin American distributors have already placed orders, but distribution in bookstores there might be slower. But don’t despair: you can of course buy an ebook version. And ships the paper book to Latin America for a price that isn’t completely outrageous (10 euros when I tested for Santiago and for Mexico DF, for instance).

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