Reinventing Organizations — the Book Is Out in Polish!

Frederic Laloux wrote on Facebook (20-Oct-2015):

RO in PolishHello Poland! Here comes PRACOWAC INACZEJ! Today the Polish translation of Reinventing Organizations hits the book stores.

I want to shout a big thank you to Marek Konieczniak, who contacted me in 2014 to say he’d love to translate the book into Polish and offered to help finding an editor. In the end, he found an agent who found an editor… and Marek did the translation! Thank you Marek for wanting this to happen and for your perseverance and dedication to the ideas in the book. Keep us in the loop how this lands in Poland!

Two links:
– A Polish Facebook page for the book:

– A place you can order the Polish version online:,p1116177008,ksiazka-p