Laloux’s Insights for the Journey Videos into French

By Frederic Laloux and originally posted on Facebook.

Do you want to help spread the ideas of “reinventing” on the French side? Here’s a way to do it!

There is a team of happy volunteers who have already translated and subtitled… almost 40 (! ) of my videos on the theme “how to transform its existing organization”.

The team works for self-organization and passion… and there it needs fresh blood. You participate in the height of your desire… a video, two, maybe more if you take a taste!

You will in any case participate in something beautiful! As you know, I put all my heart in the videos and they are in free access (” Pay-What-Right-right ” mode). I could keep ” for me ” everything I learn but I don’t want to To share it, because at the bottom it doesn’t come from me but companies that experiment, make mistakes and breakouts…

By adding French subtitles, videos become available for people in hundreds (thousands? ) of boxes that are on the way to the French side but for whom English is a brake.

I can promise you this: taking the time of subtitle a video is a way to really take care of the content in depth. This maybe one not only a gift for others, but also a small investment in its own knowledge…

Once again thanks to Bruno Sbille who puts all his heart in this project. Contact him if you want to be part of a second generation of translators…

(English version of a translation on Facebook.)

Featured Image/graphic link added by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay