“Reinventing Organizations” in Russian

Excerpt from what Frederic Laloux posted on his Facebook page:

A few weeks ago, the Russian translation of “Reinventing Organizations”  came out.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.55.33I want to express a very warm THANK YOU to Eugene Golub. Eugene contacted me one day saying he wanted to get the book translated into Russian. I’ll never forget the drab bar inside a metro station in Brussels where we found refuge on a rainy day when he happened to be passing by my home town. He told me he would pay for the translation himself and seek a publisher in Russia. He ended up doing all this, and on top of this, he spent hours and hours reviewing and improving the text from the translator to infuse it with his real in-depth and subtle appreciation for the ideas of the book.

After all that generous work, the book exists in Russian, edited by one of Russia’s finest publishers, it seems.

I’m still pinching myself that this book inspires such amazing generosity and initiative taking. Thank you Eugene!