Japanese Translation of Reinventing Organizations Book

By Frederic Laloux and originally published on Frederic Laloux / Reinventing Organizations Facebook Page

The Japanese translation of Reinventing Organizations is ready for pre-order, I just learned. And the editor tells me that the first print-run of 1,000 copies is already sold-out in pre-orders, which has never happened before with a book they’ve published!


It’s really heartening for me to hear that the book gets a lot of traction outside of Europe and the US. I’ve had little exposure in my life outside the “Western” World and so I’ve wondered if and how the ideas in the book might be relevant beyond it.

I have had a sense that the book speaks to human longings that are universal. Without denying strong cultural differences, there are, I believe, aspects of the human experiences that transcend these differences. The resonance the book is getting everywhere seems to bear that out.

That being said, I hope there will be people in different cultures who will write about what is emerging in the organizational realm from within their culture and speak to this more powerfully than a translated “Western” author can. Perhaps they are already out there, and I simply don’t know, of course! If that is the case, let me know!

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