Reinventing Organizations Wiki Now Available in Spanish

By Frederic Laloux, originally posted on Facebook

Hello everyone, long time no see!

Perhaps you’ve just seen the message I’ve put on the book’s page. I received an email from two persons, Mohanad Al Madi and Marcial Quintanar, who translated the whole wiki into Spanish! Can you believe how much work is must have been?

Here is the link:

What do you think?

Here is Mohanad’s email, if you want to be in touch: M.a.h.almadi at the usual goog mail .com

Su finalidad es explicar los comportamientos y características de las organizaciones, emergentes en todo el mundo, que operan de una manera muy diferente y tal vez más evolucionada. Estas organizaciones han sido denominadas (por ahora) como Organizaciones Teal.
 Translation into English:
Its purpose is to explain the behaviors and characteristics of organizations, emerging all over the world, that operate in a very different and perhaps more evolved way. These organizations have been called (for now) as Teal Organizations.
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