Enlivening Edge Magazine Editorial February 2022 – Largest Teal Gathering, March 2-4

By Lia Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

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Enlivening Edge is pleased to be an Organizing Partner of this upcoming third online Teal Around the World Festival, organized by folks from The Teal Network. Read an inspiring story of how this gathering first got started several years ago from a spontaneous impulse to talk about Teal.

Remember a short while ago EE Magazine asked you, our readers, to send us news of happenings? Here we bring to you, several important happenings, the first starting March 3 (actually 11 PM March 2, in US Pacific time zone.)

These will all be exciting to you no matter where you are, and no matter what exactly you do, if you are involved in creating a more conscious world, self, society, and organization.

This Editorial will cover the upcoming Teal Around the World Festival and two spinoffs from previous ones: the e-book Adventures in Reinventing Work, and the quarterly Global Teal Meetups. You’ll also be astonished at the synergistic overlaps with Enlivening Edge!

The Festival: Teal Around the World 2022

Here’s what their website says:

“On March 3-4 2022 it’s gonna happen again! The story of Teal Around The World evolves. This year, we’re going on a journey from the inner world to the outer world, and even the outer limits. We are digging in and expanding the horizon. Join pioneers from around the globe as we explore what transforming work at every level of society actually looks like. Of course, Toni the Teal Bee will be there too, to support you and wander around with you during this 24hrs event.

Our world has changed dramatically in the last year. We’ve seen governments and societies fail and succeed, organizations struggle and thrive, and we have seen humanity at its worst and at its best.

The pandemic has shifted the narrative for the future of organizations, and society as a whole. How do we envision our future? What do we consider to be the new normal? What does a truly Teal world looks like? Now, more than ever, we realize that everything is connected.

And for this reason, we invite you to join us with a sense of wonder. Let’s reimagine the world anew with a fresh sense of expectation. How do we bring a sense of curiosity and wonder into work and society in general?

Explore, engage and shape a human-centric future with us.”

Specifics of TATW22

TATW starts March 2, 23:00 PST and goes for about 28 hours.

It starts March 3, 08:00 CET, ends 11:00 (AM) on March 4, CET


Direct link to order tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ch/e/teal-around-the-world-2022-tickets-144065715433

Full agenda here https://www.tealaroundtheworld.com/agenda-tatw2022

There will be 3 timephases over the 24+ hours; the 40+ speakers will be addressing any of 3 scales: individual, organizations, society.

There are hundreds of people from dozens of countries, with plenty of time for conversations and meeting people informally with no agenda.

Synergies: Festival, Enlivening Edge Magazine, and Adventures in Reinventing Work

Here are the upcoming TATW storytellers you can get to know further in Enlivening Edge Magazine. The folks whose stories are in the book of 14 pioneers’ stories based on the March 2021 TATW, are indicated.


Jos de Blok – 29 mentions in EE Magazine

In this list there are 6 TATW storytellers who are related to Enlivening Edge and are also in the TATW e-book Adventures in Reinventing Work: Tales of Pioneers from Around the World, described below. And there is 1 who has been a storyteller for Enlivening Edge Community Conversations: Ted Rau.
Etienne Salborn – in TATW book, 1 mention
Otti Vogt – in TATW book 7 mentions
Ricardo Semler – in TATW book 20 mentions
Shiro and Yuko Yoshihara  In TATW book. 3 mentions in EE Magazine
Tom van der Lubbe – in TATW book, 6 mentions
Timm Urshinger – in TATW book, 8 mentions
Brent Lowe – 12 mentions
Doug Kirkpatrick – 13 mentions
Edwin Jansen – 12 mentions
Erik Korsvik Østergaard – 1 mention
Henry Mintzberg – 6 mentions
Lisa Gill – 41 mentions
Luz Iglesias – 1 mention
Pasteur Byabeza – 1 mention
Pim de Morree – 13 mentions
Spring Cheng – 5 mentions
Susan Basterfield – 29 mentions
Tine Bieber – 1 mention
Vivek Menon – 2 mentions
Yuji Yamada – 4 mentions

There will be additions to the agenda and the above list is incomplete!

Social Media channels keep you up to date with the newest speakers, agenda, and all information around the conference.

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Register at www.tealaroundtheworld.com 

Use this promo code at the top of the ticket ordering page:


Global Teal Meetups

These time-zone-based free quarterly free online meetups are spinoffs from previous TATW gatherings. EE Magazine has featured them in these 4 articles.

The March 17 GTM Americas meetup is 12-2 PM PacificDaylightTime.

The April 14 GTM Europe meetup is 14:00-16:00 CEDT.

There will probably soon be meetups for China/Japan/Australia time zones; check Eventbrite or get on the TATW mailing list.

Adventures in Reinventing Work: Tales of Pioneers from Around the World e-book

TATW21 resulted in the publication of an e-book Adventures in Reinventing Work – Tales of Pioneers from Around the World, Read the story behind the self-organized volunteers who took most of a year producing it. Enlivening Edge played a central role in the editing and production of the book. Frederic Laloux’s words of inspiration open the book.

Pick up the e-book at multiple retailers including Amazon and Apple as well as library outlets OverDrive, Bibliotheca, and Borrow Box.

What’s the significance of all this for the movement toward reinventing organizations into their next stage of conscious functioning?

I was reflecting recently with Dirk Propfe whose ET Company just won the annual Tony Hsieh award for radically innovating on the leading edge of elevating people in the workplace. We were considering whether the movement of next-stage organizations is growing or, as some folks think, diminishing.

We agreed that the purpose of a movement is to change society, all or aspects of it. That means the changes advocated by the movement become “mainstream.”  In doing so, it was clear to us, these changes lose their label, their uniqueness, their identity. In accomplishing their goal, advocates lose their “movement” as such.

Personally, I see both more going on that is identifiable by label, and more going on that indicates assimilation of the ideas and practices into “the way it is” in the world of organizations and other aspects of society.

The ultimate evolutionary purpose of Enlivening Edge is to help these movements reach the tipping point into becoming mainstream, and to do that by increasing connectivity among individuals and groups within the movement, enhancing their collective intelligence which increases their social impact.

What could be more exciting and gratifying to us than a happening like Teal Around the World, which is connecting many hundreds of change-makers who are discovering, learning, or devoted to Teal consciousness in organizations?

Lia Aurami: Within Enlivening Edge, I energize a variety of roles to express my sacred life mission: to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness.

That optimizes the chances of success of transformative changes, by operationalizing collective and spiritual intelligence to help organizations be efficient and effective. I delight in creating and amplifying synergistic connections toward all that!