Lia Aurami

Lia Aurami Enlivening Edge lets me dance with the emergent future, along with other awesome dancers from around the globe, co-creating our living example of a next-stage organization. Within Enlivening Edge, I energize roles such as Magazine Editor and Workspace Host. This satisfies my delight in variety and in perfectionism!

It also expresses my sacred life mission: to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness. My deepest joy is working co-creatively with leaders of world-changing organizations such as EE, to operationalize a Turquoise (beyond-next-stage) worldview. Enhancing all such natural intelligences of individuals and organizations actualizes their emergent evolutionary purpose with fewer hassles and resources, and with more joy and impact.

Behind me are six decades of practical and theoretical writing, teaching kids and grownups, clinical psychology, online and local community management, online conference design and implementation (one example), strategic and market planning. I’m most passionate about researching, facilitating, and writing about “higher-consciousness we-spaces.” It is my primary ministry, along with Enlivening Edge.

I’ve indulged my joy in writing several times through Integral Leadership Review, and regularly through my blog exploring second and third tier consciousness. I support Integral City’s work by co-enlivening its core team.

I’m nourished by living near mountains and sea in Seattle in the USA.