What Enlivening Edge Magazine is Looking for from YOU

By Lia Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

You, yes you, right where you are now. What news related to next-stage organizations are you aware of and taking for granted? Could it be the very thing that inspires someone across the world to start something, or keeps them going when they’re getting discouraged, or motivates them to share their own successes and challenges?

Enlivening Edge Magazine now has a free library of over 1270 articles that can inspire, support, motivate, teach, and support you. They represent people in 34 countries [1} over the last 6 years, talking about the journeys, successes, and challenges of over 150 organizations.

Will you contribute to the next 1200? You can write directly for us, working with an unusually kind and supportive editor (so many authors have told us.) Or you can suggest something we could ask permission to pass along to our readers. Send us the link via our Contact Form!

We enthusiastically invite you to provide your fellow readers with certain kinds of stories. In fact we cheer you on to do so and we’re excited to see what you send us!

Stories and reports of happenings

We are especially inviting stories about events, conferences, meetups, launches, or completions. Which one is in your life and you’ve never thought to let someone in India know about it? Maybe you know the back-story on one, that could support others contemplating such a happening.

Examples of these “how did it come to happen” “backstories” include many stories about happenings such as translations of Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations such as in Japan or Hungary, stories of how conferences came to be produced (and in this case of China, also how the book got translated into Chinese,) and, as another example, how groups came into existence, such as The Teal Team.

Especially stories and reports from parts of the world less represented in the global conversation around next stage organizations

What do you know of that’s going on in such places as Africa, or South or Central America, or in or near Russia, China, or India, or Australia and its neighbors? We take special delight in letting our worldwide reader audience know about your local happening!

We’re also super-interested in stories about sectors of society that are moving into new consciousness ways of functioning. We’re brought our readers a number of stories of happenings in  integrative law, education, cities, health&socialcare and other social sectors across the world. What do you know of that’s emerging in other “sectors?”

Ditto for related movements. We’re published a lot, and we’re always eager for more, to keep us all up to date on the worldwide wave of increasing consciousness.

Stories of organizations, plus tools, practices, and resources

Other than happenings our most-desired articles will be reports from particular organizations sharing their journey, and reports of tools and practices that have proven themselves (for better or worse) in your experience.

Among the most frequently asked questions in the global conversation around next-stage organizations are “Where can I find examples of: startups/organizations in my country/large organizations/tools/practices?” There’s hardly anything EE Magazine doesn’t have one to a hundred articles about!

When we get such inquiries, we always also mention such places as our Facebook group, the Reinventing Organizations Wiki, and LinkedIn (for example #teal) as resources also.

Stories of larger groups and networks coalescing

We have a special interest in connections happening among people who themselves represent large scales such as countries or sectors, because they are widely-aware parts of larger scenes of next-stage changes. That interest is explained in this Editorial.

Our supply is already ample

You’ll see fewer articles, going forward, about how leaders need to engage in personal growth, or management needs to rethink its attitudes, or the world needs less hierarchy and more learning, or the world is going to heck and blockchain/platforms/my theory/my perspective is the solution. We have plenty of those articles any reader can browse and find great value and inspiration.

The real news is what’s happening!

That news provides us all with the excitement of actually being part of co-creating the new better world. That sharing provides the weaving of the global conversation among innovators that in turn creates bonding for support and learning.

That real shared news creates the sense of shared purpose that transcends or even synergizes our differences. It gives us the strength to carry on as the grassroots of a next-stage world emerging, sprouting, unstoppable.

It might be ho-hum your daily life and it could be big news to someone across the world. We are. after all, a community of purpose. Click over right now to our contact form and tell us what you want to share with others!

Lia Aurami: Within Enlivening Edge, I energize a variety of roles to express my sacred life mission: to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness. That optimizes the chances of success of transformative changes, by operationalizing collective and spiritual intelligence to help organizations be efficient and effective. I delight in creating and amplifying synergistic connections toward all that! 

[1] Rwanda and Syria are not yet listed.