What Teal Means to Me

By Charlie Efford for Enlivening Edge Magazine

I have been exploring and steadily understanding the Teal world for many years. Early on, I described my ideas as the ‘Leaders Soul’ and later ‘Conscious Leadership’. When Reinventing Organisations came out, I then had the rationale of “evolutionary progress” to help me explain why these new ways of working were important.

I’ve spoken to many people, and recently had the pleasure of a long conversation with Blaire Palmer. She has her own business called That People Thing and is equally fascinated by the new and emerging world of Teal. After our conversation, she very kindly asked me if we could run it again for her podcast “Punks in Suits–Personalised Leadership in a Bossless World”. Of course, I agreed.

The podcast tracks my journey through the world of work (I wouldn’t call it a career!) from Army Engineer through to management consultant, coach, counselor, and active participant in bringing the Teal World to life. I talk about what being more conscious means to me, and share my insights about what a Teal world looks like and why it is happening now.

I loved talking to Blaire and can’t thank her enough for giving me this opportunity to share how I see this new world.

I have picked out some of the key points and where they come in the podcast below. I hope you enjoy listening. Leave your comments with responses or questions!

Here are the links –

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-37-reinventing-organisations-with-charlie-efford/id675601011?i=1000389971548&mt=2

Podomatic: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/thatpeoplething/episodes/2017-07-17T02_48_43-07_00 

Subject Time Stamp (hr:min:sec)

  • The emerging world of Teal doesn’t need to be packaged 3:00
  • Military leadership is not what you imagine 4:15
  • Balancing left and right brain 10:30
  • Importance of doing your inner work 15:00
  • Evolutionary stages 19:45
  • Green culture 27:00
  • When Green gets frustrating 30:00
  • What is Teal? 32:15
  • Purpose in practice 36:00
  • Self-management in practice 40:34
  • Wholeness in practice 48:00
  • Teal structures, processes & Holacracy 49:00
  • Challenges of moving towards Teal in the corporate world 59:00
  • What comes after Teal 1:04:00
  • Organisational Consciousness 1:07:00
  • Becoming more energetically sensitive 1:09:00


Charlie Efford has a diverse background that includes periods as an Army Engineer, Management Consultant and Therapist. The recurring themes in his life are Leadership, Balance, and Holding Space for others. He is steadily drawing these threads together to offer space for leaders of all shapes and sizes to explore what becoming more conscious means.