Laloux Masterclass

By Frederic Laloux and originally posted on Facebook.

It’s amazing how many organizations are embracing self-management!

But I notice that things could be quite a bit easier if they had a bit more background knowledge and insights on how self-management works. The same is true, I believe, for most coaches and facilitators who try to help them: they could do with more grounded knowledge about self-management.

That’s not surprising. Self-management is a radical new proposition and most likely, this is the first time ever you experience it. We are all learning as fast as we can!

I find myself in a privileged situation where many organizations that make the leap to self-management have reached out to me with questions, and so I’ve learnt a lot since the book came out!

I’m currently working on what amounts to a master class on self-management. It’s not an in-person or online training course, but a well-structured series of 60+ videos of 7-15 minutes each in which I share everything I’ve learnt to date. Taken together, this amonts to quite a body of work!

30 of the 60 videos are already online and I add a few every week. (The videos are part of the broader series of 120+ video called “Insights for the Journey” that you’ve perhaps already come across.)

You can watch the videos on self-management in any order, but I believe there is real value in you turning it into a serious, self-paced learning program where you watch the videos one by one, take copious notes and reflect what it means for you and your organization. Some people have decided to watch them in small groups with colleagues or friends and then discuss them together for more insights.

These 60+ videos are certainly not the last word on self-management (we keep learning!), but I do think they might be the most structured body of work out there right now. If you are moving towards self-management with your organization or if you are advising an organization that does it, I think it would be almost criminal to not watch them all!

What does it cost? Well, what it’s worth!

The videos are accessible to everyone, on a pay-what-feels-right basis. In the banner, I mischievously put a price tag of $2,000. This is just meant to signal that I believe these videos, taken together, might well be of tremendous value. They can help your organization avoid mistakes much more costly than this! Or they can help you become a much more powerful coach.

But the principle of pay-what-feels-right is that the videos are available with no pay wall, and that you listen to what feels right for you and gift back what feels right – possibly (much) less or (much) more.

I’m choosing to share everything I know freely with everyone, rather than keep this to build up my own consulting firm. Your gifts are an income to me and help me continue the series and all the work I do in this space.

Have a fun and productive masterclass!

Featured Image/graphic link added by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Image is by Pexels from Pixabay