Invitation to Join Advice Council

Exciting things are happening behind the scenes at Enlivening Edge as we continually learn what it means to live ever deeper into EE’s evolutionary purpose:

Catalyzing relationships among innovators who are accelerating the evolution of organizations and social systems for human and environmental thriving.

Energized by our Evolutionary Purpose statement, we’re ready to welcome you into shaping the future of Enlivening Edge by participating in our Advice Council. We’re so thrilled at the possibility of your sharing your views, opinions, wisdom, and suggestions to help EE better express our Evolutionary Purpose.

There are some exciting new possibilities we can’t wait to get your responses to! 

What it is

The Advice Council is a group of folks who are willing to respond to our occasional requests for feedback, reflections, opinions, and ideas about current aspects of Enlivening Edge and things we are considering. The Council will help EE become an even more lively, valuable, happening place than it already is.

How it works

From time to time Enlivening Edge will have ideas or decisions on which we’d like to have feedback from our community of readers and participants.  We’ll share possibilities for what might best express our Evolutionary Purpose and gather from Advice Council participants feedback, reflections, opinions, and ideas in a way similar to using an Advice Process. We envision and hope that this will be a co-creative, inspiring, and generative way of engaging with you, our community.

Advice Council members will receive occasional emails inviting them to participate in information-gathering activities, such as online surveys, one-on-one interviews, or focus groups via videoconferencing. 

Your participation will always be up to you. There’s no minimum expected. Depending on which information-gathering activities you choose to participate in, you might receive additional follow-up communications, for instance, to ask for clarification, coordinate logistics, and express our gratitude.

We promise not to spam you, and you always have the ability to unsubscribe or opt out in every communication. We do not share your email with anyone.

Join Enlivening Edge’s Advice Council by
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Offering advice if not in the Advice Council

We invite everyone to fill out this short 10 minute Get Acquainted survey so we can learn about you and your interests. Your input to this survey is an important touchstone for us as we make decisions about what Enlivening Edge will offer in the future.

You can also share your thoughts about anything related to Enlivening Edge directly at any time by sending an email to Lia Aurami, EE’s Audience Research Lead, at [email protected]. That will not add you to any list but you will of course receive a reply, and we hope a great dialogue ensues!

Thank you! We’re looking forward to co-creating Enlivening Edge together with you in ways that delightfully surprise us all.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay