Incubator to Lead Next-Stage Organizational Transformation

By Jia Guo for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Two years ago when I talked with enthusiasm about my dream to a senior coach in China, he stared at me, and after a while he asked me “Do you believe that this can happen in China within your life time?

My dream?

In a Chinese organization, we can work Professionally AND Happily!

The organization frees up all the energies of each of their employees: creativity, self-direction, self-organization, engagement, entrepreneurship, towards a common vision.

I remained silent for a while, and then answered: “Yes, I believe so!” Since then, I haven’t stopped asking myself what I can do to realize this crazy dream in China!

PHOTO 1Toscane Accompagnement Serge-Jia animatingTo see a Chinese organization transformed into a “Liberated Company” needs time, because a leader is naturally perceived on the top of a pyramid, in the Chinese paradigm of organizational structures.

But, I still have hope, an immense hope, because when we touch the “humanity”, there is no cultural barrier; we are just human!

All people want to be respected, to find meaning in their work, to achieve their best-self. The Chinese millennium generation surely “favourites” the transformation; they need more freedom, liberty to self-express, to self-direct, and to be authentic.

Chinese people might not be the pioneer in this transformation, but they can be the first follower, and they have great capacity to upgrade to a higher version in a very short time.

In the last 5 years, in France, 5% of the middle and large size companies have been in the movement of “liberating company”; it’s impressive to see this fast growth and rapid spreading.

PHOTO2Seminar JIa GuoThis trend is created together in an eco-system: writing book, promotion in media, training workshop, managers lead the transformation, consultants accompany the change in the companies, the employees are first followers, and so on.

That’s’ why, at the end of 2015, I decided to contribute to build up an eco-system propitious for Liberating Organizations in China. I positioned myself as “Accompany Liberating Leaders”.

So why do I invite you to join me for this dream?

Today, after co-translating the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux and the book Freedom & Inc. of Isaac Getz and Brian M. Carney, and launching the first series of seminars of “Becoming a Transformation Companion” in a cross-enterprise format, I am arriving at the evident conclusion: I cannot do it alone, I need more help.

In 2013, I encountered Toscane Accompagnement in Paris; after a journey of 15 months with them, I experienced the real transformation in my own stance and behaviours. It’s amazing to see how the methods are also pertinent in a different cultural context, when I used their approach in my intervention in China.

This leadership program is founded in experience-sharing; it invites participants to revisit their beliefs, and accompanies them in the transformation.

Profoundly, Toscane has the mission to help people shift from “Command & Control” mode to “Trust & Support” mode, and to be deeply aligned with the philosophy of Reinventing Organizations.

Today, thousands of people in European enterprises have experienced in person the pertinence and effectiveness of Toscane’s approach.

I am part of the community of professional coaches, facilitators, and other interested people who are in permanent search of pedagogical support and mutual help; we share the same principle: More human, it’s more effective sustainably!

More precisely, what do we invite you to attend?

I invite you to participate in a journey with 5 3-day workshops embedded in a 12-month long program, called Toscane Leadership Program.

You will be together with 15 to 30 participants, coming from Western Europe and Chinese enterprises Decathlon, Kiabi, Triballat, etc., plus a few professional coaches and facilitators.

With these five seminars, Toscane-Accompagnement invites you to experience what this paradigm change means to you: what it means to your invisible world – your beliefs, your aspirations, your talents, your attitudes – as well as what it means in your visible world – your practices and frameworks.

But be aware, it is not a teaching or training program! There are no simulations or role-plays. You bring the LIFE materials! It is an invitation to transform yourself inside, then to lead transformation in your eco-system. It aims to enable you to play your part in bigger ways.

What’s the program?

In this program, you are going to be (re)visiting what is essential to you, in order to feel more confident when facing uncertain situations and also when accompanying someone else in this process. You will learn how to accompany someone and how to move a team in a complex environment: letting what collectively wants to come to the surface, unlocking its collective energy and will, and enabling the emergence of a common path to get there.

You’ll be able to experience how to become the more authentic leader within you that has taken shape/strengthened during your journey.

“When I liberate myself, I am liberating others.”

There is no transformation without transformer; it’s the leader who creates and holds the space for trust and liberation.

To find out more about the workshop, visit our website: (in English and Chinese).

For whom is this program suitable?

This journey is designed for CEO’s, GM’s, Managers, and for Team leaders – all who accompany people, who lead and live an organizational and cultural transformation, who need to re-invent new organizational and management practices and processes in order to correspond to the new management paradigm.

It’s also designed for professional Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators, and Consultants who are in those activities, or people who wish to become those professions.

PLACE:  Shanghai, China

Fortunate Coffee 幸福咖啡 Songhu Road 443 near to Zhengxue Road

DATES (2017-2018):

1st: November 2017: 6, 7, 8

2nd: January 2018: 10, 11, 12

3rd: April 2018: 11, 12, 13

4th: July 2018: 4, 5, 6

5th: October 2018: 17 18, 19

Some participants in previous or current programs/trainings/seminars of this school

Auchan, Décathlon, Kiabi, Leroy Merlin, Danone, Sodexo, ENGIE, EDF, Airbus, Valrhona, Triballat, Yves Rocher, Gt Location, VVF Vacances, Prosphères, Midas, Via Santé, Réseau entreprendre, Françoise Saget, Bouygues Telecom, UPSA, Inoplast, Castorama, Banques Populaires, Outiror, Charles River, Alphacan, Centres Hospitaliers.

Jia GuoJIA GUO  An entrepreneur adoring the freedom. Switches on daily basis between different languages English, French, Italian, and Chinese, cultivated by her flexibility & openness. Professional experience in Business consultancy for French company investing in China, and entrepreneurship in logistics built up her today’s conviction “More human is more effective sustainably.”Website: Email:    [email protected]