Laloux on Wiki Review

By Frederic Laloux originally published in Wiki to inspire reinventing organizations Facebook Group

Just in case you didn’t see an earlier post. For months now, a small group (“The Wiki Review Group”) improved and refined and harmonized all the wiki articles. They are done with that big job, and the wiki articles are now much more solid. Well done !! Thank you very much for all the people who benefit from reading the wiki (and the stats show it’s quite a lot of people).

And so the question is: what comes next. And they would want input from the users of the wiki!

Here is what they wrote. Could you answer in the comments? [on Facebook]

From the Wiki Review Group
Our group came together earlier this year with the purpose of reviewing and editing all the pages in the Re-inventing Organisations Wiki. Our aim was to bring a level of consistency and coherence to the articles contributed by world-wide volunteers in 2015. We achieved our goal in November.

The Wiki was intended as a ‘living’ entity that would grow, offering up to date information about what a Teal Organisation looks like.
There are other initiatives; one is designed to share best practice in how to become a Teal Organisation, and the other aims to create a database of existing Teal Organisations. The Wiki has not attempted to duplicate either of these.
We are now wondering what next? – both for our Group and the Wiki.
In other words, we need to identify a new purpose and we would really like your help.
Some questions that may prompt your thoughts:

• What do you think of the updated Wiki?
• Does it serve the purpose it was intended for?
• How has it been/ is already useful for you and your organisation
• What’s its best use in the world?
• How can we promote it to reach a wider audience?
• How could it be developed? (by perhaps tapping into but not crossing over into the other areas?)
• How might YOU like to contribute?
• Any ideas for collecting new thinking or developments?
• Do we need a group to consider new material before it is added to the Wiki?
• Any other ideas?

Our group has worked independently of the wider RO community and now needs to tap into your wisdom and develop a fresh mandate. Please let us know what you think.

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