Leadermorphosis Ep.81: Erik Korsvik Østergaard on Fragmented Organisations and Futures Literacy

Lisa Gill interviews Erik Korsvik Østergaard originally published at leadermorphosis.co

50 minutes 39 seconds

Listen here.

Erik is an executive advisor on transformation and the future of work, leadership, and collaboration, and the author of Teal Dots in an Orange World.

We talk about how this ‘new ways of working’ movement is evolving, and in particular a positive trend that Erik calls ‘fragmented organisations’ that’s happening because it’s hard to scale self-managed or ‘Teal’ practices and principles in a uniform way.

Erik shares what he has observed, particularly in larger organisations, including challenges like interfacing with the outside world when you are a progressive organisation. Finally, we explore leadership and ‘futures literacy’ as an important skill. I love Erik’s articulate and thoughtful style and I think this was a great sense-making conversation.


Republished with permission.

Featured Image added by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay