Podcast Series on Next Stage of Organising – Episode 6: Importance of Relationships

By Rich and Nati from the Hum and interviewed by Sven Latzel and originally published by nxtstg.org. It is episode 6 in a series of podcasts. EE Magazine has republished Episodes onetwo, three, four and five.


A deep discussion about the learnings of Richard Bartlett and Nati Lombardo from The Hum. An inspiring couple that helps organizations to become more decentralized in terms of power, care and so much more. They’re both part of the online decision-making platform Loomio and the outstanding next stage org Enspiral.

In our nice and cozy chat we explored the importance of relationships for organizations, remote work best practices, a very smart stewardship process and how their own humbleness gives space to others.

Enspiral is a network of about 200 people, supporting each other to do more meaningful work. We’ve recently published Better Work Together, a book sharing lessons from 10 years of experimenting with self-management, shared ownership and decentralized governance.

Loomio is a digital platform for deliberation and decision-making used by next stage organizations the world over.

The Hum is a small consulting company offering practical guidance for decentralised organisations in Europe. Join our newsletter for stories and upcoming events.

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Nati Lombardo is a member of the Enspiral network and the Loomio co-op. She’s a cofounder of The Hum. She helps groups to cultivate a collaborative culture through values-driven behavior change. Her focus is the “self” in “self-organizing”: the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors each of us brings into any collective endeavor.

Richard Bartlett is a member of Enspiral and co-founder of Loomio and The Hum. He loves co-ownership, self-management, collaborative governance, and other ways of sneaking anarchism into respectable places. He writes at richdecibels.com



  • Every time I let go, my colleagues celebrated me.
  • It’s one hundred percent about the relationships!
  • Have the conversation we can’t have.
  • We see that people create the most complicated structures to not talk about the difficult stuff.
  • Making peace with complexity and uncertainty.
  • Don’t go alone!


  • If we all learn how to do it in our own best ways, we can all contribute!
  • If the others give me the space, I will learn it.
  • Building the culture-  its ok to name the things that seem not to be ok.
  • For me it is all about relationships.
  • Have the conversation that you think you can’t have.

Republished with permission.

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