Week 1 Leadwise Academy Assignment – Practical Self-Management

By Jane Watson and originally published in Practical Self Management Intensive on medium.com

Week 1 of Leadwise Academy is coming to a close and it was a rollercoaster! I’m thrilled and grateful to be a part of the first cohort of this initiative, and have had several moments in which I’ve reflected on how incredibly fortunate we are to live in times where we can hop onto a video call with smart people from a dozen other countries!

Something that has made a significant impression on me this first week is the immediate warmth and openness to collaborate I’ve seen from my fellow group members, and the overall cohort. It’s like everyone decided to jump in with two feet and become a team right away. In a breakout session during our first call, Lucia shared an insight she’d had after watching a TED talk that the ‘new work’ required’ inner work’ (thank you Lucia). This really speaks to me. My inclination in groups is not to default to warmth and vulnerability, so this first week has highlighted that in order to embrace and succeed in a non-hierarchical, self-organizing environment, I will need to focus on changing my own mindset (and doing the inner work associated with that), not just learning the methodology and thinking behind these practices.

My group for the week 1 project was great; Monica, Donal, David, and I have different professional backgrounds and experience, but we had good discussion and questions but also got work done at great speed. Thank you!

Group Jacaranda — Monica, Donal, David, Jane

My group’s organization was an NGO dedicated to implementing a Universal Basic Income: Thrivable

Mission and Vision:
(Why) Vision: A world without poverty
(How) Mission: A periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.
What: we inform, educate, help, and inspire national governments to implement UBI.

Strategic Direction: Since we are starting and we are a small group, I suggest that we focus on one or two countries to (hopefully) convince one government to implement a UBI. Once we have a successful use case we can use it as a reference with other countries.

Key Points: There is a different way to structure our organizations based on “roles“. A role-based structure means:
1. Thinking about an organization based on its purpose and all the roles and responsibilities that allow the organization to meet its purpose;
2. Leaving behind job profiles and job titles. Different people can take on different roles at different times — there is a flow and adaptability with roles; and
3. Distributing the authority (decision-making power) throughout the organization via the roles.

Organization Roles:



Represent our vision of UBI to media.


Defining criteria for acceptable speaking engagements.

Sharing key positions and vision of organization through storytelling and meaning making to build the organisation’s brand in the media.

Representing our organisation’s position to the media in interviews, press events, public debates.

Economic/Social Researcher


Data-backed recommendations


Developing econometric models, surveys of public sentiment/opinion

Supporting policy recommendations with data to establish their effectiveness



Identify a path to a world with UBI.


Identifying new countries to advance the adoption of UBI.

Key partnerships


Develop UBI network and coalitions to support purpose.


Influencing government policy to implement UBI, through education of public and policy makers.

Building strategic partnerships with aligned groups to create a coalition to be more influential and achieve desired outcomes.



UBI is publicly supported


Attracting donors, building public support and awareness for cause and policy.

Developing and maintaining an overall web presence.

Monitoring and assessing the public discourse on UBI.



Clear understanding of the organisation activities and progress.


Establishing and keeping UBI on the radar through media channels (TV, radio, print, and social media), ‘town hall’ meetings and civic fora.

Publishing company’s external communications (written and oral) are regular, timely and impactful.

Posting all articles, whitepapers, and media interviews to our website.



Stress-free operations for our organisation.


Generating support for our vision and closing donation deals, funds from a variety of sources (e.g. crowdfunding).

Finance Operations


Our own financial governance and reporting.


Generating support for our vision and closing donation deals, funds from a variety of sources (e.g. crowdfunding).



A world of UBI evangelists


Contacting and engaging key influencers [within Government, the EU (if country targeted is within that union), labour unions, youth organisations, organisations supporting marginalised groups, local citizen groups, etc.] to support UBI initiative.

Participating in debates where there are arguments for and against the concept.

Putting links to other organisations promoting this purpose on our website.

Evangelise UBI message to key influencers across all levels of society.

Administrative Operations


Exquisite Processes


Supporting day by day office work

Training the organisation members on internal tools

Technological Operations


Worry about internal tech so no one else has to


Designing our internal system architecture

Evaluating and selecting software vendors for internal applications

UBI day by day Operations


Smooth operations


Selecting and administering core logistical infrastructure systems, including a calendar, phone voicemail system, an e-mail system, & intranet.

Defining usage standards and providing access to formally-defined infrastructure systems as-appropriate, and helping users troubleshoot access issues as-needed.

Training the organisation members on internal tools.

Legislative/policy specialist


Safe legal terms


Defining who would be entitled to UBI, who would not be entitled, and thereby addressing how any potential fraud could be minimsed or eliminated.

Checking how UBI schemes already underway are performing (e.g., in Finland).

Validating our publications to ensure they conform with current legislation.

Creating, amending, and reviewing work contracts.

Event organiser


Delightful events


Planning Events Programme — appropriate themes.

Inviting speakers.

Booking venues and arranging logistics to conduct successful events.

Human developer


Healthy human collisions


Helping members of our organisation to grow personally and professionally with individual coaching.

Promoting a values based leadership culture, where people’s needs are addressed (through having identified the values they hold), thereby ensuring engagement and commitment.

Teaching colleagues how best to give and receive feedback, as feedback (and establishing peer-to-peer accountability) is critical to developing a high performing organisation.

Identifying skills gaps (whether competence or character based) and organise relevant training or help people identify courses or work situations, the experience of which would help address the issue(s) identified.

Donors reporter


Accurate numbers for our donors.


Generating reports for donors.

Integrating feedback from donors to increase financial transparency.

Donors link


Trustful & healthy relationships with donors


Integrating feedback from donors into the organisation when relevant to purpose.

Sending frequent updates & news about our operations, activities, and impact.



Steward the record-keeping process


Scheduling meetings and notifying all attendants of times and locations.

Tracking meeting notes and making them accessible to our organisation’s members.

Team Magnet


Attract like minded people to achieve mission.


Attracting and onboarding team members

Vision Holder


Building and keeping the right vision for the organization


Ensuring the vision remains relevant and viable.

Monitoring the organisation’s overall stewardship and steering the organisation towards deeper expressions of its purpose.

Evaluating of scheme to ensure the policy is working and introduce refinements/amendments as appropriate.

Republished with permission of the author.

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