Lead Together Conversations – Simon Wakeman on Decision Making

Brent Lowe, co-author of Lead Together book interviews Simon Wakeman of The Panoply, originally available on YouTube.

In this conversation, Brent reconnects with Simon Wakeman, Chief Operating Officer at UK Based Technology and Design firm, The Panoply. As their organization has experienced rapid organic growth, one of the things Simon finds really interesting about his role is understanding how all the different companies in The Panoply work together and how different organizational cultures and different organizational models enable the team to orient themselves more effectively around clients.

Brent and Simon discuss:

What decision making looks like in organizations embracing greater accountability and self-management

Understanding who your stakeholders are

Decision-making models and paradigms

How Simon and his team at The Panoply approach decision making

9 mins 21 secs.


Here are links to explore:

Connect with Simon Wakeman: https://www.simonwakeman.com/ https://www.thepanoply.com/

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