Enlivening Edge Panel Explores Collective Intelligence “We-space” at Work 2017

In a lively and profound (pre-recorded) panel presentation (viewable below) during the online We-space Summit aired on October 12th, Riina Raudne joins George Pór, Lia Aurami, and Will Van Inwagen to share their work with Enlivening Edge, whose evolutionary purpose is Boosting the emergent collective intelligence, consciousness, and impact of the ecosystem of next-stage organizations and initiatives, until they become  the new mainstream of organizing work.

After the introductions, Lia Aurami shares a beautiful invocation for participants to become present in the Field of shared consciousness, and panelists begin playing with taking turns speaking as Enlivening Edge. How does Enlivening Edge perceive its own growth as an organization? How do people join and leave? What role might conflict have in growth? How do the elephants in the room get named and engaged?

This intriguing conversation explores what an organization or workplace might look like when many members are long-term practitioners of various inter-subjective meditative formats. George, Will, and Alia speak about how in their workplace, the We-Space is seen as a line of development and a subtle-energetic morphic field of awareness, with an energetic architecture where wisdom, information, and insights can be downloaded and uploaded.

The panelists share how the We-Space can agentically pull us, inspire us, function through and as us, transcending and including us as individuals in the workplace.

Enlivening Edge has participated in this Summit because the next stage of human consciousness which forms the foundation of the future of work, is moving into new forms of collective intelligence and collective wisdom; those are the “we-space” explored in great depth and diversity in the Summit.

April 2021: The website and videos of the Summit are no longer available.

For more information, check out EE Magazine’s previous article about the Summit, and learn more about George Por’s individual presentation at the Summit here.