The Next Stage: We-space Consciousness Tele-summit October 9 -13 2017

Enlivening Edge is very pleased to share both our own panel presentation on October 12, and the entire 5 days of a Global online event conceived to create conditions for future work, research, and practice into a rapidly expanding field of inquiry and practice around an increasing human capacity often termed “higher we-space.” A series of panels and presentations will showcase the work of over 150 pioneers and expert practitioners internationally.  Towards this end, the Summit is intended to catalyze interest in this growing field through which new collective practices, paths, and lineages will emerge in the coming years and decades.

Enlivening Edge has participated in this Summit because the next stage of human consciousness which forms the foundation of the future of work, is moving into new forms of collective intelligence and collective wisdom; those are the “we-space” explored in great depth and diversity in the Summit.

By signing up for the We-Space Summit, you will also gain free access to listen from October 9th to 13th, 2017, online.  (Recordings will be available free for 24 hours after each presentation.) You will also be joining a Community of Practice Newsletter that will share the emerging work, research, and trainings from the Invited Speakers and 26 Catalysts who are curating this 5-day online conference.

The website for the summit is no longer available.

Read more about the October 12th EE panel presentation here, and about George Pór’s individual presentation, here.