Power and Care in Organizations — Laloux with the Dalai Lama

Frederick Laloux’s 20-minute description of Reinventing Organizations

From Frederic Laloux, posted on Facebook

“A few weeks ago, I was invited to present the key ideas of my work on reinventing organizations to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It was part of a Mind & Life Conference with the beautiful theme of “Power and Care”. I’m amazed, every time again, how much hope this work can evoke, but the reception I received this time was simply extraordinary.

I’m happy this was filmed so well, because in just a bit more than 20 minutes (if you deduct pauses and applause) it’s a great summary – a shorter alternative to the 1 hour 20 minute conference that most people have turned to so far on youtube. Feel free to share!”


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