George Pór Talks about We-space Consciousness on October 12, 2017

October 9th will begin 5 days of a Global online event conceived to create conditions for future work, research, and practice into a rapidly expanding field of inquiry and practice around an increasing human capacity often termed “higher we-space.” On October 12th, George Pór talks with Robert Best in one of the presentations showcasing the work of over 150 pioneers and expert practitioners internationally.  Towards this end, the Summit is intended to catalyze interest in this growing field through which new collective practices, paths, and lineages will emerge in the coming years and decades.

In this Summit conversation, George Pór begins his reflections on the We-Space with host Robert Best by inviting us into experiencing what is common and already present right now in the field, as George points out, “We don’t have to invent the We-Space; we simply recognize how it is there with us as a prior unity.”

Beginning from this place of deeper prior unity, George embarks on narrating his life journey and research into the We-Space and collective intelligence. Tracing the conversation back 30 years, George recounts the evolution of his work through his mentor Douglas Engelbart and the computer technologies he was developing to augment our human capacities for collective intelligence and wisdom, as well as the possibilities of connectivity that were possible through computer use.

George reflects on this work and points out the different locations and types of We-Space that become available through groups. He draws on Dustin DiPerna’s We-Space line of development and considers how this changed his thinking about the We-Space as an unfoldment of a center of gravity of stages along this particular line of development. Drawing from his experiences in collective wisdom, George uses Spiral Dynamics terminology to connect with the late-first-tier and early-second-tier We-Spaces he has experienced.

This connects to some of his more recent work with Enlivening Edge and the Teal Organization Mapping project which are attempting to serve as collective sensory organs in the We-Space that reflects our emerging eco-systems back to themselves to support their development to higher levels and greater scales of influence.

By signing up for the We-Space Summit, you will also gain free access to listen from October 9th to 13th, 2017, online.  (Recordings will be available free for 24 hours after each presentation.) You will also be joining a Community of Practice Newsletter that will share the emerging work, research, and trainings from the Invited Speakers and 26 Catalysts who are curating this 5-day online conference.

April 2021: The Summit website and videos are no longer available.

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