The Five Fundamentals of Self-Organization

Tom Thomison and originally published at

The Five Fundamentals of Self-Organization are the essential values that inform our approach and are necessary to catalyze a deep PowerShift.


Every action and dimension of the enterprise identity is distilled from Purpose. Whenever the next action is unclear, Purpose leads.


The work and work processes fit into a natural hierarchy. By definition: A holarchy of nested Purposes or functions. This naturally occurring structure makes meaningful distinctions and brings clarity when organizing work.


All actions are dynamic. Rather than predicting and attempting to control some possible future, cultivating awareness encourages sensing into and mindfully responding to current reality – given all that is presently knowable in the moment.


Freedom and flexibility to act. Power and authority are systemically accounted for. The system biases toward autonomous movement and flexibility. Agency encourages movement toward Purpose via the most direct path possible.


All actions, structures, and work undertakings are viewable, trackable, and shareable within a given context or audience.

These values find an expression in the context of the For-Purpose Enterprise.

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