Moose Heads on the Table: Stories about Self-Managing Organisations From Sweden

By Karen Tenelius and Lisa Gill,  from original article published in full at Tuff leadership training


What does leadership look like in a company with no bosses? How do you develop a culture that allows self-managing organisations to thrive? What mindset and relational shifts are required?


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In their new book Moose Heads on the Table: Stories about self-managing organisations from Sweden, authors Karin Tenelius and Lisa Gill share stories and insights from nearly twenty years of coaching teams and organisations to become self-managing.

Rather than looking at complicated self-management frameworks and models, these pages reveal a perspective of organisational transformation based on the simple but powerful premise of facilitating different kinds of dialogues.

At the core of this book are warts-and-all stories, insights, and lessons about a number of small Swedish companies across different sectors that Karin Tenelius helped transform, both as an owner and as a consultant or interim CEO. The purpose is to inspire and embolden readers to start their own experiments, creating more human and collaborative teams and organisations.

Illustrations by Sophie Wainwright.

“Truly love this book. It fills an important gap in self-management literature. It has a strong focus on coaching towards self-management and less on structures and processes. Very powerful perspective!”
Pim de Morree, co-founder of Corporate Rebels

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Republished with permission.

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