Open-source Organic Organization (O2) New E-book and Course

By Tanya Stergiou and Lia Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

The Target Teal “org-net” is glad to announce that we just translated to English the Ebook about self-management, originally in Portuguese. You can download it directly here from Google Drive.

If you are interested in learning more about O2 social technology, we began offering an online course in English starting june 24th. The entire training consists of 5 sessions to be facilitated online through Zoom, where we will work on self-management through games, simulations and exercises. You will learn how organizations can get rid of the hierarchical structures by adopting a distributed and organic management system.

  • Interaction protocols that improve meeting effectiveness and give voice to everyone
  • A language of patterns that will help you to look more critically to existing organizational practices
  • How to create agreements that give people autonomy and establish clear authority
  • How to take care of the tribal space and people’s individual needs
  • How to facilitate a progressive transformation towards self-management
  • How to run incremental and continuous organizational design experiments

You can find more info about the course here.

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O2 is a social technology that helps organizations to become more adaptive, self-organized and purpose-centered. It is composed of a set of essential rules (its “Meta-Agreements”) plus a library of constantly evolving organizational patterns.

O2 is available on GitHub and you can contribute by submitting pull requests. There is a community on Target Teal’s Slack of org-designers, facilitators and enthusiasts contributing to the creation of new patterns and improving the Meta-Agreements.

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay