Reinventing Organizations “Insights for the Journey” Video Series Complete

By Frederic Laloux from an emailed announcement September 10, 2019

What new project have you been working on since Reinventing Organizations?” is a question I get asked all the time.

The answer? A new book called “Insights for the Journey”’… that I completed this week!

Actually this time it didn’t take the form of a book, it’s a video series, but it’s just as ambitious, a real body of work. More than 130 videos, 7-10 minutes long on average, close to 20 hours of content! More pages than Reinventing Organizations if you were to print it all out.

What is it about? 

In essence, it is 130 insights into the question “How do I transform my existing, traditional organization?”

So many readers of Reinventing Organizations are inspired to transform their work place, and a lot of them do! There are currently hundreds, probably thousands of organizations out there in the middle of a pretty dramatic transformation. What time to be alive!

I’ve talked to quite a number of their leaders and that has given me privileged insights into what works, issues you can expect and typical pitfalls that can be avoided.

At some point I felt: these insights are too precious to stay hidden in my notebook, I need to share them!

Who is this for?

  • If you are a daring pioneer reinventing your organization, this video series is for you. It’s tightly  structured into easily digestible bits. My hope is that it will make your journey a whole lot easier and will help you avoid many mistakes!
  • If you are a coach or consultant, the video series is like a master class, a training course on steroids.

The series is now complete and fully online. The first videos I posted along the way triggered so much excitement that communities of volunteers have sprung up to translate them into various languages! Most videos are already subtitled in French and in Chinese for example. Do join and help if you can.

[Video links below are not live.]

One more thing

The videos are freely accessible. But they are not “free”, I share them in the gift economy on the basis of “pay-what-feels-right”. Many people have already given back generously. Join them! Let’s show the world that this model can work!

Featured Image/graphic link adapted from RO image by Enlivening Edge Magazine.