Laloux’s Insights: Examples of Wholeness in Group Settings​

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This is the seventh in a series exploring what Wholeness looks like in the work place. The other videos in the series can be found here.

People sometimes wonder: what is a good setting to start introducing wholeness in the organization?

The truth is any meeting or gathering can do, but here are some concrete ideas for where you might start.

  • How about agenda-less breakfasts and lunches?
  • All-hands meetings?
  • Whole-day topic workshops but with a more open atmosphere?
  • Meetings to discuss conflicts, issues, challenges, done coming from a together-approach?
  • Trainings with everyone, with some self-reflections shared?
  • All the typical HR processes can be redesigned for group wholeness moments.
  • First having top management and executives get comfortable with wholeness among themselves, then invite others.
  • One place invites people from all parts and levels of the organization to a place they can tinker and play creating new products, with pizzas and drinks.
  • Talent shows.

Any setting is a good setting to begin! Any group meeting can be made a safe enough space for people to show up from a deeper place.

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