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By Simon Confino for Enlivening Edge Magazine

(Illustration from Reinventing Organisations, courtesy of Frederic Laloux)


As the founder of the We-Q App, I’m delighted to invite you to use it as much as you like for free.

We-Q enables teams to have powerful new conversations about their ability to fulfill their purpose and thrive.

The team self-measures twenty aspects of their dynamic under four Pillars:

  • Being Fully Myself
  • How We Behave
  • Getting Things Done
  • Doing the Right Thing

Since testing the first version two years ago, the results have been impressive.

One user said that seeing We-Q results reminded her of the excitement she felt first seeing her baby through ultrasound images. It made the invisible visible and caused her to build a stronger bond.

“Now I can see half of us do and half don’t.”

“I had no idea we were so unclear on roles and responsibilities.”

“I’m so relieved to see I’m not the only one.”

In three easy steps, team members can discover what’s working between them and what needs attention. It is 100% anonymous.

We see communities such as Enlivening Edge and its readers as key to supporting organisations and teams to rapidly raise self-awareness, evolve and innovate. This is crucial to solving the mountainous challenges we face.

We would like any team anywhere in the world to be able to address the complex issues of their group dynamic in a simple and powerful way. We-Q is our contribution.

Feedback to continuously improve We-Q is the key. Let us know how you get on.

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In a career spanning political research, the advertising industry, brand strategy, and organisational psychology, Simon has developed a deep understanding of team dynamics, and is a facilitator of progressive change and effectiveness. He is the Founder of the Collaborative Intelligence App We-Q.
He profoundly believes that we have a responsibility to reshape organisational life by placing our humanity at the centre in order to protect the future of our loved ones and our precious earth.