The Future of Work – Noble Minds

By Mathias Holmgren originally posted on Facebook.

The Future of Work – “Noble Minds” evening from Stockholm, Sweden last month is now available on youtube! Super excited that this amazing and unique evening can now be shared with those of you who could not participate in person. This event was a bit of a dream come true, especially considering the rock star lineup we got the opportunity to field this evening. On stage Bonnitta Roy, Doug Kirkpatrick, Susan Basterfield, James Priest and Joshua Vial. So grateful and happy that we got to make this come true. If you have any interest in the future of organizations, dare to dream big and enjoy inspiration in this field, this video is for you.

Fantastic work by Michael Göthe, Björn Sandberg, Pia-Maria Thorén for the conference prep work and Emil Vikström for the co-inspiration for this event. Also big thanks to Stockholm Engineering Leadership (Didde & Dreams and Kalle Persson) for their co-hosting of this event with The Agile People Sweden community and Foo Café for their support in making this possible.



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