Sustaining Social Change: Warren Nilsson at TEDxCapeTown

By Warren Nilsson and originally published at

Note by Enlivening Edge Magazine: The last two minutes of the TEDx talk are especially powerful.

This 12-min Tedx Talk [below] that Organization Unbound co-founder Warren Nilsson gave in Cape Town suggests that the biggest challenge the world is facing is not how to create change but how to sustain change, and

if we want to sustain change we are mostly paying attention to the wrong things, particularly inside our social purpose organizations and social movements.

Warren Nilsson: Social Innovation Researcher:

I am Warren Nilsson. I spend most of my time puzzling over how organizations do or don’t foster social innovation. After 10 years doing community development work in the U.S., I moved to Montreal, Canada to do my doctoral research. I’m now on the faculty at the University of Cape Town and am also the co-founder of Organization Unbound.

I TEDx because I have been working with and studying some of the most beautiful and innovative social purpose organizations on this planet. They have taught me a great deal about the generative power of authentic community and I want to share what I have learned.

12 minutes

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