Developing Evolutionary Leaders in Brazil

By Elaine Favero for Enlivening Edge Magazine

This a letter of inspiration and action written by us, the cuidadoria team (, for you!

To read Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations, was like someone entering our minds and answering, in a better way than we could ever imagine, the question: What are the organizations of the next stage of consciousness like?

That was an amazing gift to receive. It inspired and stimulated us in so many ways! One of those was to answer another inquiry: Who are the leaders who will be able to initiate and support this transformation?

With that question in us, cuidadoria decide to help care for the need for these leaders. From our experience working collaboratively, we notice that beyond the tools for knowing and learning, a highly important factor to sustain evolutionary organizations is self-knowledge – the ‘inside’ job is necessary to develop other intelligences, other forms of perception besides the rational one (like the emotional and intuitive ones).

Inspired by that, we formulated a program for people who want to learn what it takes to work in this whole new system—evolutionary leadership ( The next program will start on March 13, 2019, and finish in May, 2019. This edition of the program will be exclusively in Portuguese.

The focus of the program is in how to become an evolutionary leader in whatever that process is. In our view, a leader could be anyone willing to create positive impact in their own environment.

Supported by Laloux’s book that tells us these Teal organizations and collaborators exist, and describes practices of how they work, we can discern the human competences that need to be developed—and thus we can design this leadership program aligned with the new human consciousness.

The journey we go through during the certification happens in three phases, as follows:

  • Getting the path ready: What does the world ask of the leaders? What leader am I? What are important futures and paths?
  • Three Teal breakthroughs:
    • Evolutionary purpose: internal (perception, agility, and decision-making) and external (organic organizations and biomimetic);
    • Wholeness: internal (integral leader) and external (storytelling and vulnerability); and
    • Self-management: internal (organizational culture and self-management); and external (facilitating leadership).
  • Implementation of evolutionary leadership: implementation plan and continuity; how to sustain the implementation plan over time.

Participation in the program can be complete (online and in-person) or just online. It is composed by 11 online meetings facilitated by cuidadoria team, 6 online meeting with invited professionals of the labour market and 2 immersions in nature (in-person)—besides individual coaching and mentoring.

Each participant can develop a project of their own interest, in a group or individually, that will be followed up by us (cuidadoria team) and will be presented to a mentoring board within Phase 3.

The online meetings are an excellent opportunity to increase diversity and allow people from many places to participate—which really empowers the group. They will be a weekly space of hosting and learning, with exchanges of ideas and perceptions stimulating collective intelligence.

The immersions in nature are an amazing experience of depth, subtlety, and synergy. Nature is our great master of self-management, and being immersed in it is a lesson of diversity, hierarchy, and collaboration, as well as perceiving and responding.

The leaf falls; the ant takes it to its anthill and eats it later; everything flows. There is no boss, a lot of singularity, and an apparent lack of organization. But it sustains itself, adapts, lasts through time and reproduces itself in beauty and abundance, without a manager to tell any of it what to do.

All the meetings are based in the flipped classroom methodology, in which we favour experience in the meetings (facilitation tools), while the theoretical content is studied previously and independently by the participant. We believe that deepens the absorption of knowledge, because you learn from action, thus from the heart.

We are now launching the second edition of the evolutionary leadership program (begins in March 2019), and we are very happy and thrilled. We leave here below a testimony of one of the participants of the first edition, along with an invitation: Let’s make a future edition of this certification program happen in English? And we hope we can bring you to Brazil to meet some of this stunning nature in person!

“What I lived in the Certification for Evolutionary Leadership gave me tools and understanding of how to let people hold more autonomy in my team. And how to take the company I participate in towards a more collaborative and integral culture, in which people can bring their ‘me’ to work as a whole”. Camila Agostinho, World Packers

With love, Elaine Favero

Elaine Favero is a coach, facilitator, and learning designer, Partner of cuidadoria and Atma Pessoas, former tax lawyer, and forever a yoga practitioner. She found her joy in life by helping people and organizations raise their level of consciousness. Get in touch [email protected].