Announcement: “Teal Organisations” Goes Live in Wikipedia

By Sarah A. Morris for Enlivening Edge Magazine

I am delighted to announce that Teal is now launched on Wikipedia, under the heading, “Teal Organisations”.

If you are familiar with the principles and rules of Wikipedia, you will be aware that writing a page that “sticks”, particularly for a relatively new(ish) concept, is not altogether straightforward.

For those of you who have not had any editing experience with the site, it is worth pointing out that it has its own syntax, coding, and many rules, all of which must be strictly adhered to. It is all too easy to breach the code of what is required, and for the article to be taken down by the Wikipedia moderators. So, having initially written a long article, I decided to consult a Wikipedia specialist for advice on how to ensure we met those regulations–thereby giving the article as much chance as possible to remain in situ.

After much discussion and research, we realised that the main challenges were around its NOTABILITY (making sure we could get enough references to well validated sources) and trying to show that it is not a NOVEL concept (this is another reason an article can be taken down).

The recommendation was that we start with a so-called “stub article” to test the waters and to make that as robust as possible. A stub article is abbreviated but can be added to over time. So that is what we have done.

I hope that the article will indeed be gradually augmented by the input of others but, in doing so, I would urge everyone to ensure that all the Wikipedia guidelines are followed. To summarise:

  • it cannot be promotional or about any one person
  • anything that is added needs to be “notable”, i.e. it is well referenced in peer-reviewed journals or books. Facts cannot come from blogs, forums, promotional material, certain newspapers, or journals that are not well established.

Over time, together we can develop a more detailed and comprehensive page, that fully describes the nature of a Teal organisation.

If you have suggestions to change or add to the page, may I suggest following Wikipedia etiquette and first making your suggestions for significant changes in the Talk section of Wikipedia. Others interested in curating the page, can then interact, comment and the community can reach a shared agreement for the best way forward. Contributing in that way will, I hope, encourage others to do the same.

Here is the link to the page:


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