The First Issue of Frontier, on Responsive Leadership, Is Out

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.14.07Labelled as an “experiment”—a potentially ongoing series of reports on 21st century ways of organizing/working, Frontier is one of the media siblings of Enlivening Edge, produced by the August team (on the left), an organization development consultancy.

August was founded with the belief that every organization already has the potential to make an exponential impact in the world as long as it creates a culture where teams flourish.

This issue, with the subtitle “How the Leading Companies of the 21st Century are Reshaping the C-suite”,  is meant for leaders who are frustrated by big, overly complicated change initiatives that take too long, cost too much, and don’t go anywhere.

It has inspiring examples and actionable recommendations. Worth of read.

I particularly enjoyed the articles on “Optimize for agility even over certainty” and “Lower the barriers to collaboration…”