Magazine Editorial June 2024 – Celebrating and Evolving: Our Community Hub’s First Year

By Alia “Lia” Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Enlivening Edge Community Hub opened its doors to everyone a year ago. Now we celebrate that anniversary and also the end of the ninth year of Enlivening Edge itself! Enjoy reading milestones and reflections on those nine years in our recent 50th Editorial.

The current Partners at Enlivening Edge spent a year creating the Hub: making online-platform decisions, creating a unique self-governance system, creating a uniquely warm and personalized Welcome and Orientation Program, designing innovative features such as a Concierge. Then followed over half a year of working with a self-selected group of “Pioneers” to refine and make the place more alive and beautiful for first members.

The purpose of the Hub was originally to offer innovators of more-conscious organizations a variety of meaningful and effective ways to discover each other. The Hub was to be, and is, an inspiring, supportive place that generates collaborative, co-creative, and synergistic relationships. Our experience, and feedback from members, is leading us to evolve that purpose. More on that below, but first let’s celebrate some things going well, and what we’ve learned.

What we celebrate

  • Members consistently report great experiences, feeling uplifted and supported.
  • Members consistently report that they value the Hub very highly.
  • Members come to value one another greatly, not only from deep shared values but from their rich experience and diversity.
  • We are constantly seeking and receiving feedback and making improvements.
  • We have designed in a variety of ways to interact which members use to establish their own relationships.

What we have learned

For each thing we’ve learned, we note here what we’re going to change or what we might change.

  • People don’t seem as interested in community self-governance as we anticipated. We won’t be diminishing the opportunity but will be patient about an emergence of interest.
  • It takes a minimum frequency of engagement by members to keep new interesting opportunities for engagement flowing. We are addressing this on every level from energetic to very practical.
  • Members are feeling conflicting demands on their time, even if they value what the Hub offers. We are making changes that will simplify the Hub to make choosing among engagement options easier. Among the conflicting demands on members’ time, we see the current state of the world as having a significantly diminishing impact on the felt sense of time available for participation in the Hub. That is one reason we will be emphasizing that engaging in the Hub is an antidote to being drained by world concerns.
  • People value real-time interactions more than asynchronous writing/reading. We are exploring various new options for meeting in real time.
  • People who are attracted to the hub are awesome people. That includes readers of this Editorial. We are creating more Hub-arranged opportunities for them to meet and get acquainted, because we know the magic gets generated from there just because the people are who they are.
  • A lot of diversity, in background and work area, is one reason why a critical mass of members is important. There are differences between people, and any individual is called to engage with only some of what has been posted. This is being addressed by making it easier to find other members with synergistic and overlapping interests.
  • What people think they need is not always the same as what they will engage in and devote some effort to co-creating. Our communications about the Hub to potential members are being reshaped to convey that the Hub is a place for active co-creation not passive consumption.

What is the emerging future of the Hub?

Some of what won’t change:

  • Teal breakthroughs and ways of operating are baked in so members can experience how that stage of consciousness is expressed in group functioning.
  • As one of our deepest values and purposes we continue to foster the self-awareness of the ecosystem of organizational innovators and their organizations.
  • There will continue to be self-governance so members can practice Teal governance.

What will likely change

  • Unique positioning: We might modify the name of the Hub and change the purpose to emphasize members’ experience of the Hub as a haven or refuge from a crazy world, as a place to refresh and recharge and amplify their own purpose.
  • We are finding ways to become more explicit about our fundamentally spiritual orientation, that “it’s all about Love.”
  • We will suggest and support member initiation of collaborative projects, reflecting a higher level of commitment and engagement, and their potential impact on the world.
  • We will have an all-member meeting and probably make this “Town Hall” aspect permanent.

Our vision for Enlivening Edge and the Community Hub

Riding the planetary wave of increasing consciousness, we are dedicated, even consecrated, to fostering evolutionary advances for humans and for our planet. Our joy is serving you and thus the world  via our sacred work, in an “Indra’s Net” of mutual supportive flow. Each person on Earth now is called to boldly step into the reality of their own highest vision for their life, which will benefit all. For us at Enlivening Edge, that includes:

  • With eager partners from many countries, co-creating the actual formation and functioning of a self-aware global social ecosystem of organizations, endeavors, and networks operating in “the next stage of human consciousness”–importantly, through the Community Hub.
  • Publishing our magazine bubbling with meaningful, generative interactions of authors and readers which are amplified in Hub groups.
  • Ever-increasing numbers of next-stage organizational innovators discover each other in our Community Hub. It’s an inspiring, supportive place that generates collaborative, co-creative, and synergistic relationships.
  • Finding one or two perfect-for-us Partners for whom Enlivening Edge is the perfect place to express their life purpose, abundantly supported by financial and other resources flowing in ever-increasing amounts through the ever-growing membership of the Community Hub and other financial support.
  • Enjoying and co-creating ever-deepening particular friendships with other organizations with whom we engage in impactful specific projects for the benefit of all, some of which are sparked and coordinated in the Hub by Hub members.

What can you do to support the emerging future of the Hub and Enlivening Edge, to express your valuing of it? How could you co-create our ability to support you? 

The Hub is the Magazine’s sole source of income for continuing on the web. We have very little reserve left. We’re welcoming supportive expressions of your valuing of Enlivening Edge.

  • Call our attention to articles we can republish, or write an article.
  • Subscribe to our Magazine and share the articles around to support your colleagues.
  • Become an active co-creative member of Enlivening Edge Community Hub. Give yourself the incredible benefit of this always-open space. You can interact in a variety of ways and generate high-quality relationships, with peers as dedicated as you are.
  • We still do accept donations and would welcome sponsorships.
  • Share what you value about Enlivening Edge on your social media.
  • Contact us about our becoming an affiliate for your upcoming online event.

Riding the wave of planetary evolution of consciousness together!

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Lia Aurami: Within Enlivening Edge, I energize a variety of roles to express my sacred life mission: to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness.

That optimizes the chances of success of transformative changes, by operationalizing collective and spiritual intelligence to help organizations be efficient and effective.

I delight in creating and amplifying synergistic connections toward all that!