Enlivening Edge Magazine Editorial December 2023 – Field of Dreams  We Have Built It. Will You Come?

By Lia Aurami for Enlivening Edge Magazine

“If you build it, they will come.” A popular 1989 US movie gave rise to this optimistic saying. In “Field of Dreams” Kevin Costner played a farmer who listened to a whispered inspiration to build a baseball field on some of his cropland. He did this, at risk of being thought crazy, and of financial ruin. The end of the movie shows a line of hundreds of cars wending their way toward the ballfield.

Similarly, Enlivening Edge has heard inspiring whispers in our more than eight years of overview of and service to movements toward the next-stage of organizations. Organizational innovators often told us “We want a community of peers.” “I want more community.” “I long for more community.” “It would be great to have a community.” “What’s needed is a community.” Which version of that desire have you thought or felt? At the end of our previous offering of Enlivening Edge Community Conversations on Zoom over the years, participants always wanted to continue to talk, and there was no good place. No nearby cafe to adjourn to.

So we built Enlivening Edge Community Hub 

The Enlivening Edge Community Hub is in service to the needs of people who are shifting organizations into new consciousness. We perceived that such people want more connection with others like them, and that connections are the key to spreading and strengthening the movements.

The Community Hub is designed carefully and richly as a full-featured, friendly online community that members can use to strengthen and inspire their own work and to amp up the whole ecosystem. It can become the place innovators go to meet and relate synergistically to others on an ongoing basis, not just a once-yearly conference, or a course and its alumni. The Hub is global, not a regional group.

As far as we know, it is unique in the social ecosystem of next-stage organizations; that’s why we are so passionately dedicated to making it available.

Anyone can come into the Enlivening Edge Community Hub. Early Adopters have arrived and are telling the other members about resources, inspiring each other by sharing their highest commitments, discovering each other’s interests and expertise,  supporting each other’s growth, and forming co-creative relationships..They are especially treasuring the monthly Deepening Our Resonance Zoom calls and monthly Get-Acquainted Zoom calls.

Enlivening Edge has put the Hub out there. If it’s really serving the need we think it does—that with all our hearts and souls we created it to serve—then people will start telling others about it, and it will gain momentum, because the more people are there, the more interesting and valuable it can become.

Who is arriving? 

People seeking to introduce new more human-centric practices in their organization told us they wanted to discover others doing the same, to share challenges and triumphs, and our monthly Deepening Our Resonance calls are one of the great ways in the Hub for such sharing.

Innovators experimenting with new systems, such as for decision-making, said they wanted to learn various systems and then compare notes on how to implement each. So we built the Hub with ample opportunities for members to create discussion groups on any topic.

Innovators with a world-centric perspective told us they wanted to share more about their own country’s “Teal-related organizations” with other countries, and learn more about what people in other countries do. So in the Hub, members can create language-specific or country-specific groups, and can easily find other members from a specific country.

Ecosystem-builders seeking to weave countries, societal sectors, and movements into closer communication for more collective intelligence and thus more social impact, can easily find each other, form groups, have discussions, share files and photos, and schedule Zoom chats anytime.

Individuals “pushing the river” in big traditional organizations confided to us they were lonely and longed for someone to talk with who “spoke their language” of their ideas and could offer practical support. So we built the community with a forum called Ask Collective Intelligence, and with groups for teaching and learning.

People who didn’t know anyone else working in an organization who had a higher purpose or anyone else who was working toward a spiritual vision of how people could work and relate together. Those seekers asked us for a place to get to know others in their depth and height, and in the Hub one way for them to find each other is in the Sharing Our Highest Commitments group.

Enlivening Edge Community Hub is a potential. We will hold it open and operate it.

The potential beneficiaries will be the ones who realize and actualize its world-transformative potential.

What do you want “community” for? 

What would you create in a community space that is a rich field of resonant, synergistic people and ideas? Our Field of Dreams, aka Enlivening Edge Community Hub, is fully operational and fully functional, and there’s no slow line of cars delaying your arrival. You can participate today. How will you use it for inspiration, support, and collaboration?

We at Enlivening Edge regard you as a “partner in purpose” to strengthen the movements toward more conscious “next-stage” organizations. We’re wanting to explore the possibility of greater synergy in your work and ours. Get in touch with us.

We’re letting you know about the Community Hub because as our Magazine reader you are as passionately dedicated to these societal changes as we are, and you have access to even more networks than we do, to help people discover this resource.

How could you spread the benefit of the Hub through our ecosystem so more people who are wanting community could discover and choose it? To start, read more about the Community Hub in this recent Editorial. Contact us for a copy of our infographic for social media sharing, and explore the Hub’s information page.

And let Enlivening Edge know how we can amplify your contribution to a world of next-stage organizations.

Lia Aurami: Within Enlivening Edge, I energize a variety of roles to express my sacred life mission: to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness.

That optimizes the chances of success of transformative changes, by operationalizing collective and spiritual intelligence to help organizations be efficient and effective.

I delight in creating and amplifying synergistic connections toward all that! 


Article Featured Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay