People, Power, and Possibility of Work: Reimagining Unconference Online August 18

“We must hold space for change.”

Reimagining Unconference: People, Power, & Possibility of Work

The Invitation

We invite you to join us on August 18, 2022, for the inaugural Reimagining Unconference: People, Power & Possibility of Work, to reflect on what work is and what it can be.

Using a hybrid Plenary and Open Space format we desire to hold space for new ways of gathering that foster generative ideation and community co-creation. Our hope is to move from conception to inspired individual and collective change.

Who should attend?

This gathering brings together diverse human beings who are committed to redefining and liberating current ways and means of working.

We actively challenge, interrogate, deconstruct and divest.

We collectively support, expand reconstruct and invest.

Because reimagining is a process not an event.

And maybe you are already connected with these communities and practices:

  • Activism
  • Civic tech
  • Community building
  • Decentralized power structures
  • Democratizing access to education
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or accessibility
  • Ecosystem building
  • Entrepreneurship support organizations
  • Equity-centered and/or trauma-informed leadership
  • Facilitation
  • Financial transparency
  • Impact strategy
  • Inclusive business strategy
  • Mission- or purpose-first businesses or startups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Organizational design
  • Social impact entrepreneurship
  • Social justice
  • Transparency
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

If you are interested in co-creating space for liberatory, inclusive conversations that build connected, generative and change-oriented communities — JOIN US!

Event Flow, starts @ 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern / 3 PM UTC

  • Opening Plenary: Welcome, Plenary & Fireside chats with featured speakers
  • Break, Mingle Circles
  • Open(ing) Space: Opening, Marketplace, Sessions, Closing
  • Break, Networking
  • Closing Plenary: Our collective call-to-action & now what

Purchase your tickets today and together, let’s commit to liberatory & inclusive conversations that Connect, Generate & Collaborate. There is tiered ticket pricing to enable us to provide baseline honorariums to our speakers, sensemakers, and community contributors. Learn more and register on EventBrite =>

About the Speakers & Sense-makers

To be announced: We seek to hold a plenary session with up to 6 speakers, a panel of fireside chat speakers, and a circle of sense-makers (e.g., visual graphic recorders and sign-language interpreters) to set the tone and facilitate conversations on the theme, People, Power & Possibility of Work.

We believe that uplifting stories and voices from those we do not see in today’s media headlines is a critical addition to our efforts in creating a space for reimagination, connection and creativity. To learn more or join us in co-creating the future, go to and click on “Call for Speakers.”

About Us

The Reimagining Unconference co-creators:

Alexandra Cenatus (She/Her) – Building equitable spaces for communities | Assistant Director & Researcher, University of Florida

Emma Holland (she/her) – Community Builder & Connector with Product Ops Pizzaz | Head of Community for LGBTQ Entrepreneurs at StartOut

Erin-Kate Escobar (They/She) – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant | Erin-Kate Escobar Consulting LLC

Lena West (She/Her) – Founder | CEO | Inclusive Business Strategist | Digital Transformation/Web3

Lindsay Young (She/Her) – Impact Strategist | Facilitator | Community Builder

Susan Liao (she/her) – Champion of Inclusive Leadership & Product | Facilitator & Founder, Startups for All | Future of Work


Community Sponsors

AND, might you be interested in participating as a speaker (for the Plenary, ~15-20 min) and/or other live event support (facilitators, sensemakers, interpreters, marketers, tech support, etc.)? If so, to go our event website and click on “Call for Speakers.” =>

To become a sponsor and contribute to our honorarium “bento box,” visit our Open Collective Event page.

Our Vision

The co-creators of The Reimagining Unconference are committed to creating space for liberatory, inclusive conversations that build connected, generative and change-oriented communities.

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Featured Image by Dorothe from Pixabay