CAMPUS CO-EVOLVE January Courses – Journeying into 2021

By Anna Betz for Enlivening Edge Magazine

The need for change and the need for us all to strive for a better world has been brought  into even sharper focus by the pandemic. We at Campus Co-Evolve believe that getting there will require everyone to grow better capabilities for facilitating profound transformation wherever we are, starting with ourselves.

Campus Co-Evolve hosted its first cohort of change-makers, from around the world, on the Four Rivers course in 2019. Since then the Campus has continued its ‘education for transformation’ virtual learning journeys, for cohorts through two Transformative Media Creation and Reception course cycles, and through the course led by founder, George Pór, From Me to We to All of Us, a course which integrated transformative education and Action Research for Transformation (ART).

Having felt transformed by their experiences, graduates of the ‘From Me to We to all of Uslearning journey and the Transformative Media course decided to create safe spaces for their own and each other’s ongoing learning, capability development and collective sense-making. These communities are self-organised invitational practice groups and include the ART Collective – Action Research for Transformation; the Media Shamans Community; and Go Vertical! with a focus on vertical development.

2020 has also seen the establishment of the Future How Centre – Centre of Action Research for Evolutionary Emergence to discover and promote the ways in which intentional evolution carries itself forward through life-affirming individual and collective actions. Campus Co-Evolve forms the educational arm of this centre.

From being a project in early 2019, Campus Co-Evolve is now set up as a Community Interest Company.

Campus Co-Evolve opens the new year by welcoming back faculty Mark Allan Kaplan and Jonathan Steigman, and welcoming exciting new faculty Dave Pendle and Pavel Luksha. See their offerings below.

Our programmes are designed to provide affordable online education responding to the challenges that you and your community or organisation are facing, and an opportunity to connect with and become part of a global community of fellow learners.

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The Art and Practice of Generative Leadership

Learn more about The Art and Practice of Generative Leadership with Dave Pendle and contributing faculty, George Pór.

‘This age of uncertainty requires us to act from deep confidence and conviction in the life process itself, and thus inspire the communities and groups we work with towards more meaningful impact.’ – Dave Pendle

Led by Dave, this learning journey is a navigator, a compass to voyage into the complexities of organisational and social transformation. It is designed to open participants’ perception to generative ways of knowing, doing and being and thus develop their capacities for leadership of self, others, and organisational entities or systems. Generative Leaders endeavour in all times, places, and circumstances to co-produce or co-originate ways of being, knowing, or doing appropriate to context and circumstance.

Transformative Media Creation & Reception

Learn more  about Transformative Media Creation & Reception with
Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D.

“All our problems are problems of consciousness. If we learn to make our own perceptual field an object in our awareness we can accelerate the evolution of our consciousness itself and potentially heal this gap. We can use media as a tool to help with this perceptual field upgrade and when we then create media from this upleveled perspective its transformative power rises exponentially.” – Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D.

Mark Allan Kaplan, an award-winning filmmaker and the pre-eminent theorist and practitioner of the application of Integral Theory to the cinematic arts, accompanied by filmmaker Jonathan Steigman, will be leading the very popular Transformative Media Creation & Reception course into its third cycle.

Mark and Jonathan will illuminate the co-evolutionary relationships among moving-image-based communication media, consciousness, culture, and society, while offering a comprehensive toolkit for designing media to catalyze healing, personal growth, and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level.

By committing to using media for healing, transformation, and the evolution of consciousness for self, others and the world, you become a Media Shaman.

Protopia – A Journey to the Edge of Collective Evolution

Learn more about Protopia: A Journey to the Edge of Collective Evolution with Pavel Luksha

‘Becoming the system we want to see in the world has to begin with those who seed the change, including myself as faculty.’ – Pavel Luksha

Pavel Luksha, global thinker, change catalyst, and founder of Global Education Futures, has shaped this course as a collectively created learning journey to explore the world we want to see—and the possible ways to bring it into being. It offers a pathway to learn to sense into, (re)connect with, and act from, this ‘evolutionary attractor’ that manifests itself through our ways of being and acting. Finally, through designing new personal ‘operating systems’—habits of thought and action, supported by tools and practices—you will prototype and amplify your desired change, to become the future you aspire to be.

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AnnaAnna’s background is in Health&Social Care, trained in Herbal Medicine, Socialwork, Mindfulness Practice, Transparent Communication, and Systemic Family Therapy. She practices a pro-active evolutionary approach to Health and Wellbeing and leads projects in the UK NHS using Mindfulness and diet for people suffering from diseases like diabetes and dementia. She feels at home in places where individual, communal, organisational, and social evolution meet, and where people support each other in becoming whole, and feel enlivened.
Featured Image by Shaun F from Pixabay