Coffee and Conversation with Kevin Pojasek – Journey into Next-Stage Operating

Sarah Morris interviews Kevin Pojasek for Parallax Partnership’s Coffee and Conversation – Workplace Wisdom Unleashed series, originally published here.

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This journey of an organizational CEO searching for a better way, exploring, implementing, and experimenting in an established company, is inspiring. The podcast explores his stories about such innovations as a network of teams, authenticity, values, purpose, and human connections, all developed in a journey over time—and describes the benefits realized from such changes.

Welcome to this edition of Coffee and Conversation – Workplace Wisdom Unleashed!

The Parallax Partnership’s 2020 podcast series of informal conversations over a cup of coffee, entertaining experienced senior business leaders and influencers in the leadership sphere, and drawing upon their personal experiences, stories and learned wisdoms over the years.

Today Sarah is in conversation with Kevin Pojasek, PhD – President and CEO at Enara Bio.

Kevin joined Enara Bio in 2018 bringing 15 years of leadership and strategic investment experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector.

He is also a Venture Partner at SV Health Investors and a co-founder and Executive Chairman of Catamaran Bio.

Kevin was formerly Chief Strategy and Business Officer and a member of the executive leadership team at Immunocore. In this role, he was responsible for shaping the company’s corporate, R&D and growth strategies, as well as for overseeing business development. He was also co-head of the company’s Infectious Disease Unit and helped lead the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation investment of up to $40 million.

Prior to joining Immunocore, Kevin was President and CEO of Quartet Medicine, a company he co-founded in 2013 while at an entrepreneur-in-residence at Atlas Ventures and held senior executive R&D and corporate development roles at several other venture-backed companies.

Kevin has a PhD from the Biological Engineering Department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kevin has been exploring and implementing Next-Stage leadership thinking and practices in the organisations he has been working with, and has some interesting stories to tell about his journey and how he personally came to choose to operate in this manner.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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Republished with permission.

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