Lead Together – Clear Roles

By Lead Together The Book and originally published on YouTube

Work needs to be done. A team member agrees to do that work. On the surface, it’s simply matchmaking skills to needs. The reality of organizational productivity is far more complex: Work goes undone. People fail to meet expectations. Task boredom sets in. Career aspirations require tending and don’t always align with business needs. Leading can feel as if you’re trying to assemble a puzzle in which both the picture and the shape of the pieces keep changing.

In this video, Lead Together co-authors Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield and Travis Marsh share insights into defining clear roles helps self-managing organizations to align skills and grow with the work.

They discuss:

– The difference between roles and job descriptions

– Refining roles through the role advice process (RAP)

– Aligning personal desires, goals, passion and skills with organizational needs

5 mins 41 secs

For more on clear roles see Brent Lowe’s blogpost: https://www.leadtogether.co/news/2021/2/4/roles-versus-job-descriptions-whats-the-diff

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Republished with permission.

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