Laloux’s Insights: Striving for Wholeness – What Does Wholeness Mean for You?

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Here are some thoughts for introducing practices that invite colleagues to drop the mask and show up with more wholeness. I’m sure there are many more insights waiting to come into focus about the topic, but for some reason, this is not a topic leaders I’ve talked to have chosen to explore.

Before you get going, it’s worthwhile clarifying what your invitation really is. What exactly does wholeness mean for you? 

Notes from EE Magazine:

What kind of safe space is needed? What happens when people feel safe enough to show up at work as themselves with all their energy, passion, and creativity? One thing is that people discover more about themselves.

Wholeness has flavors. What is yours?

Explore these questions for yourself to discover what your flavor is:

Where can you relax into being yourself with no worry, and be seen for all you are?

What do you long for in your organization around this feeling? For example, is it real connection?

What things do you no longer want at work that prevent feeling safe enough to show up whole?

What places or circumstances at work are you or others already showing up whole?

What parts of you are hiding behind the mask at your organization? For example, frustration or humor?

What would it take for you to allow this to be seen?

What fears hold you back from showing up whole or inviting others to show up whole? For example, that everyone would get swamped in feelings and no work done.

What could you do to transcend this fear, to deal with whatever you fear?

Add your own questions about what you want or no longer want around speaking up and inviting others to.

Explore these questions with someone in your life. Get clarity about what you are hoping for and inviting.

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