Evolutionary Purpose – Are Plans, Budgets, Indicators And Targets needed ?

By Frederic Laloux and originally published here at  thejourney.reinventingorganizations.com

Frederic Laloux looks at whether Planning, Budgets, and Indicators/Targets are needed in a Teal World

Should we stop planning?

Today we often plan much more that we need to. From it’s not far to the typical misunderstanding: planning is bad!
It’s not. There are simply two pitfalls to avoid: planning too much, and believing our plans.

6 mins 11 secs

Can we do without Budgets?

Budgets are often the central backbone of organizations. Let’s think through if budgets still make sense in a world where “sense and respond” replaces “predict and control”. And if so, how.

7 mins 42 secs

Do we need indicators and targets?

Indicators and targets are central to the old ways of trying to predict and control the future. Can and should we do without them?

6 mins 31 secs

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