Reinventing Education in Dubai – with Holacracy!

By The HolocracyOne Team and originally published by Holocracy News

65% of children entering school today will work in jobs that don’t even exist yet. How can we prepare children for the unknown challenges of tomorrow? The Dubai government and HolacracyOne have partnered together to answer this question.

Dubai Future Accelerators is a pop-up think tank where innovators co-create “solutions for the global and local challenges of tomorrow.”

HolacracyOne and the Knowledge & Human Development Authority of Dubai (a branch of the Dubai government that has been practicing Holacracy® for two years now!) were accepted into a select cohort working to find ways to empower future learners.

Our workplace and our schools face a similar crisis. Our fast-moving, increasingly interconnected world requires the leaders of tomorrow to develop the skills to sense and adapt to constant change.

For 10 years, we’ve offered the Holacracy practice to organizations seeking to stay agile in the midst of uncertainty and to draw on the creative and adaptive capabilities of their teams.

What if these methods made their way into schools? What if the educators developed children’s skills for self-directed learning, individual accountability, and adaptability? Would this build a workforce that could accelerate human development?

We bet on it, and we’re honored to partner with the Dubai government to improve the future of education.

Want to learn more about Cohort 5’s challenges? Check out the DFA’s Cohort 5 page.


The HolacracyOne Team

Featured Image/graphic link by HolocracyOne.