Leadermorphosis EP. 78: Sofia Reis and Luís Alberto Simões on Experiments Guided by Autonomy and Connection at Mindera

Lisa Gill interviews Sofia Reis and Luis Alberto, originally published at leadermorphosis.co

1 hour 28 minutes 23 seconds


Sofia and Luís talk about the self-organisation journey at global software engineering company, Mindera. With 900+ employees and counting, they have evolved as a company without managers through experiments guided by questions like: Will this bring more autonomy? Is it human friendly? This has resulted in some remarkable employee-designed processes, like their self-managed salary system, and their unique office space in Porto, Portugal.

Sofia, Mindera’s co-founder, and Luís (whose title is ‘Self-Organisation Enthusiast and Learning Geek’) share what they have learned from their journey and how they have developed as individuals themselves.


Republished with permission.

Featured Image added by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay